Closing Shop

Well, it’s official. As I expected, the bosses came in yesterday to tell us that, due to a combination of unprofitability and the Current Situation, the company is closing shop. Effective 1 Jan 2002, I will re-enter a state of employable mobility.

It’s okay; the Lord provides in times of need. I’m getting interviewed tomorrow for a multimedia opening here, and I’d also like to see if there are openings here and here, though those are pretty tenuous thus far. Other possibilities are open, and I have enough saved on the side to survive while I explore.

Prayers and pointers to Help Wanted ads would be appreciated. Those of you reading, anyone want to hire me? If you need a graphic artist, web designer, or digital video author/editor, take a look at my resumé and portfolio, then drop me a line. Legazpi/Salcedo Village areas in Makati preferred.

(Actually, what I really want is to work in the new RCBC Plaza Towers, because (1) it’s near my girlfriend’s office, and (2) the Food Court there makes me feel like I’m in EPCOT Center, and (3) it’s a certified IT Zone, which means the buildings cater to the kind of company I want to work for.)

Given a couple of months’ notice and adequate initial provision for living, I’m also relocatable to almost anywhere in the United States. Again, Baltimore is preferred, though Denver is nice too.

Well, I need to get bustling. My Christmas calendar is too full to let me blog over the holiday season. I need to spend tonight and tomorrow morning wrapping up gifts, then I need to get to work to tie up the loose ends and have commiserating Christmas lunch with our boss, then go for that interview. I’ll be out all day Saturday to relax with Tiff in the mall (and maybe catch LOTR if it’s showing), then I might join the folks to go scuba diving on Sunday. After Christmas, the family is going down to Bohol for more scuba diving, right up till New Year.

As you can see, I’ll be rather occupied, so expect only sporadic updates. Go out and gain those holiday pounds, and I’ll give you all the monumental life-changing updates after the fireworks have died down.

Merry Christmas, all of you, and remember: He whose birth we celebrate is He who saved us by His death and resurrection, and in Him alone are we Redeemed for all eternity. May that same God bless you this season.