Christmas Eve 2001

Christmas Eve! Quite often, it is on this night that I feel even more Christmas-y than Christmas Day itself.

I’m at home now (family-home in Greenhills, that is, not my apartment-home in the south suburbs), having arrived earlier this afternoon by taxi. Tonight we’ll be going off to my aunt’s place for Misa de Gallo and Noche Buena, along with the whole Ordoveza clan on my Dad’s side. (The family is Roman Catholic. I’ll just be sitting quietly during Mass, very assiduously NOT doing the sign of the cross. Yes, I’m a bad little evangelical Christian fundamentalist. At least I’m not breaking statues. ;)

Problems, though. Dad’s car stalled at the mall, and he’s still there, so our departure has been delayed a bit while the car gets repaired. In the meantime, here I am, just blogging away from my parents’ room while Mom catches a nap.

*******’s folks have already opened their gifts. I got her The Lives of the Kings and Queens of England, knowing how much she loves early/medieval European history. However, I cannot for the life of me understand why her family always opens their gifts on Christmas Eve. Presents are meant to be opened first thing Christmas morning, after Santa Claus has passed, right? When do you people open your presents?

Wait, just a moment. I can’t believe I’m blogging on Christmas Eve. Well, since Dad isn’t here yet, I’ll just turn on the telly and see if It’s a Wonderful Life is showing anywhere. Hmmm… Demolition Man is on HBO. Uh-huh.