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Dangers of Rebecca Brown

Many evangelicals have probably seen those “Christian” books on Satanism and spiritual warfare entitled He Came to Set the Captives Free, Prepare for War, and Unbroken Curses, by a certain Rebecca Brown, M.D.. I often see the first two books used by Christians against self-styled Wiccans and Satanists, and the third one contains some rather […]


After church today, I joined my family at The Rockwell Power Plant, to greet my youngest brother happy birthday. (Happy 14th, Javi!) We then returned home (family home, not my apartment home) to check up on Mom’s new Persian kittens. (AAAWWW!!!!) As I was about to head home (apartment home, that is), Mom — just […]

God’s Guidance and the Magi

Bible study group last night focused on Matthew 2, the Visit of the Magi, and one thing took my notice: If God is against the use of astrology for divination (Deut 4.19), why are these Zoroastrian astrologers from the East such key players in the Nativity story? Of course, the classic interpretation is that the […]

Dropped by a Jeepney

I just got “dropped” by a jeepney. The driver wouldn’t stop on the first or second “Para,” so I had to yell angrily at him. Then, as I was getting off from the back and muttering to myself, he abruptly accelerated before my boot had touched the ground, depositing me unceremoniously on the rough asphalt. […]


I’ve been asked a few times about the cartoon character I use in my Comments template. I wasn’t too sure myself, as I had gotten the duck off a random piece of stationery marked “PEKKLE,” so I looked it up. The duck is Sanrio’s Ahiru No Pekkle. Here’s his Google category, and here’s a fansite. […]

Religion – Relationship?

“It’s not a religion, it’s a relationship!” goes the evangelical platitude Indeed, indeed! It’s a saying we Baptists are especially fond of using, to illustrate how Christ’s salvation of a person transcends the stodgy ritualism of tradition. And yet, is there really a biblical precedent to say such? This is a hot issue with many […]

Unpleasant Day

What use is it, closing my windows every morning against the possibility of rain leaking into my apartment, when the guys in the room next door fail to consider the same contingency? Thanks to my neighbors’ sloppy lack of foresight, the numerous thunderstorms which have frequented Manila in recent weeks have driven rainwater through the […]

Musica Alta Ripa

I’ve just returned from an excellent performance by chamber music ensemble Musica Alta Ripa, featuring works from the Baroque to early Classical periods — on authentic instruments! — at St. Scholastica’s College. The first piece played, the Overture in E minor by Johann Bernhard Bach (one of J.S. Bach’s sons), was wonderfully crisp, each movement […]

God and 9-11 Again

In the days following 9/11 terrorist attacks, I readily agreed with the general trend of thought that a good and loving God could not possibly be responsible for such horrible acts. (Yes, that also meant jumping on the “Bash-Falwell-Robertson” bandwagon.) I thought to myself that this is not God’s way of punishing America, but rather […]

Satellite photos

Did someone say satellite images? Here’s my locale: Manila Bay and environs, Luzon, Philippines. (You may recognize this as the photo used in Index 26.)