Unpleasant Day

What use is it, closing my windows every morning against the possibility of rain leaking into my apartment, when the guys in the room next door fail to consider the same contingency?

Thanks to my neighbors’ sloppy lack of foresight, the numerous thunderstorms which have frequented Manila in recent weeks have driven rainwater through the windows to form puddles on the floor of this 6th-story unit: puddles which leak under the porous wooden walls and flood my own room as well, regardless of the measures I myself take to prevent exactly that annoyance from occuring.

Worse, my blanket has fallen off the side of my bed and landed smack-dab in the middle of just such a puddle, where it has been left most of the day to soak up as much of the offending liquid as it can. This leaves me more than a little peeved.

As you can see, it has not been a pleasant day. In addition to the aforementioned woes, I have also managed to cut a small but deep gash in my left forefinger with a random staple bullet left in the cardboard bag which I use to stow my dishes in the office.

To cap it all off, I’ve been rather ill, afflicted with congested sinuses and an unforgiving migraine.

But enough of gloom and doom and woe. I will leave you with this humorous observation: As I was just now purchasing a Quickly Pudding Milk Tea with Sago outside my subdivision, I noticed a small blurb for Quickly’s new hot Choco Latte drink… “THE ONLY PROBLEM WITH THIS DRINKS IS THAT YOU CAN’T STOP KEEP GOING BACK FOR MORE!”

Um, sure.