Dangers of Rebecca Brown

Many evangelicals have probably seen those “Christian” books on Satanism and spiritual warfare entitled He Came to Set the Captives Free, Prepare for War, and Unbroken Curses, by a certain Rebecca Brown, M.D.. I often see the first two books used by Christians against self-styled Wiccans and Satanists, and the third one contains some rather paranoid accounts of demon-fixation, of an intensity I would consider rather unhealthy in any Christian’s life. (Take, for example, her assertion that one should not accept flower garlands upon arrival at Hawaii, as these are actually totems of “Hawaiian demon-god worship.” Or the strange idea that the curing of Satanic curses requires anointing with cooking oil.)

The matter is greatly cleared up in “The Bizarre Case of Dr. Rebecca Brown”, where we find some extremely pressing reasons to disbelieve her astounding claims and questionable theology. The evidence presented is unnerving:

That on numerous occasions Respondent stated to her patients that she was “chosen” by God as the only physician able to diagnose certain ailments and conditions which other physicians could not because the other physicians, including physicians from Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana and St. John’s Medical Center in Anderson, Indiana were, in fact, “demons, devils and other evil spirits” themselves.

Also submitted into evidence at the hearing were 11 photographs taken at St. Vincent showing bluish-yellow sores over most of Mrs. Edna Elaine Moses’ body apparently caused by repeated injections. The article goes on, “Several witnesses said they saw Dr. Bailey inject herself, Mrs. Moses and Mrs. Moses teenage daughter with Demerol and morphine. Great quantities of drugs were kept on hand, and the Bailey home was littered with used needles and syringes.”

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The true “Dr. Brown” seems to have been mentally unbalanced and dangerously unstable, posing a severe threat both to herself, her patients, and those who read her books.


  1. Gidong says:

    I’ll believe that Dr. Rebecca Brown is true. And you must Trust in Jesus coz He came to set free the captive

  2. Paulo says:

    Gidong, I believe in Jesus and trust in Him alone by faith for my salvation, but Rebecca Brown’s books go WAY beyond that. She has exhibited dangerous and delusionary tendencies, and her teachings go into the realm of the cultic. These are not qualities to be associated with the believer in Christ.

  3. wheezy says:

    take it from someone who knows a little about the occult and what the enemy is capable of. Whatever Dr. Brown saw could have happened, however after examining the facts it appears that she did a great deal of embellishing her stories. Also some of her theology is extra biblical and on the edge of being just plain wrong. ” The name of the Lord is a strong tower that the righteous run into and they are saved”. This is what the bible has to say about the power we have in Jesus. I find it hard to believe that when she used the name of Jesus the demons she was supposedly fighting only backed off a bit or left them alone for a while. According to scripture, demons are supposed to flee and they usually stay gone for a season, then come back to check to see if the coast is clear (paraphrased in a big way). Dr. Brown/Yoder needs a lot of prayer and all who are in the body of Christ should reach out to the victims of the theology she has introduced. Thanks to her books I become over-interested in the occult and nearly became what many would call a new aged christian, looking for signs, bells, and whistles instead of hearing God’s still, small, voice. The best advice anyone could give concerning this issue is to read the bible. It’s ok to have other books but they should not be introducing anything new or strange to the point that it cannot be supported biblically. If you want revelation seek God in prayer and meditation on his word. (not mystical yoga meditation!) If you want to get spooked or see something scary step outside the will of God, what you see may scare you to death. I mean that sincerely there is nothing new under the sun and all the questions you have about the unknown will either be revealed by divine revelation or you will just have to ask the father when we all get to heaven either way, life is just too short to be spooky spiritual and hocus pocus. Don’t get me wrong the devil is very real and he can do some scary things. but we serve the greater one and there is just no comparison.

  4. Jonamay says:

    I was really blessed of what Rebecca had wrote and I really thank God for using her to warned us on how Satan a destroyer in our life esp. nowadays.It would really a great help for us on how to defeat Satan.Yah, Satans works is true and very much rampant now but let us not forget that GOD IS GREATER than all these things.God is more powerful than him.Thats why He uses people like Rebecca because He love us and He dont want us to be destroy by evil.Remember His love is deeper than the ocean and higher than the sky.And He alone worth to be praised.No other but Him alone.

  5. Jonamay says:

    Believing in God is believing on His works and doing what He want us to do.You dont have to be doubleminded because He is true and no one else like HIM.

  6. Evelyn says:

    I think that you all don’t have the revelation of God, ,because if you really read the book as you said, now you must read the first thing she says: SATAN DOES NOT WANT YOU TO READ THIS BOOK.(so who is sayn DO NOT READ THIS BOOK??) and we all know that talking BAD abaut somebody, even if is your sister in Christ, and what you are doing it’s NOT LOVING OTHERS AND NOT RESPECTING OTHERS.(THAT IT’S THE SAME THAT NOT LOVING GOD) So, that it’s a SIN, and you gotta be carefull with what yoy are talking abaut her, think abaut all she says it’s true(that is what i think)and think how God feels like when you are talking like that.

    Also i think that all you have wrote abut her it’s not true, you have to think right before you say something.

    She tells the true, and i think that in this country most people are satanist, even pastors, and EVEN YOU>

    God may open your minds.

  7. Paulo says:

    Evelyn, you’re seriously scaring me.

    Be very, very careful. “Prove all things, hold fast to that which is good.” Theologians and investigators alike have weighed her life and theology, and found it far from good. When your own worldview leads you to believe that

    “most people,” even fellow believers in Christ, are Satanists, then you fall into the same trap of paranoid heresy-hunting which “Rebecca Brown,” in her mental instability, has fallen into. It affects the way you interact with others, and causes you to view all things with suspicion of demons rather than love of Christ. That, I think, is the real Satanic deception. Have a care.

  8. Raffy says:

    I think everyone seriously needs to chill out. I do side with Paulo in regards to the whole matter, and I don’t think you should believe in everything you read. I’m not saying that Dr. Brown was false in her claims, but the fruits of her testimony and their effect on your belief should be taken into question. If it made you a stronger Christian, excellent. If it ended up making you completely paranoid and fearful then I would seriously consider the merit of the message. I read her book when I was thirteen and it made me afraid of the dark for 3 months. A great testimony of God’s work should inspire and motivate you, not freak you out.

    Evelyn, you hint that Paulo may be a “Satanist” because of his stance with the book and its message, and claim that what he’s doing is “not loving others and not respecting others”. What sort of testimony do you think you’re giving by pointing the accusory finger? I can’t claim to love and respect everyone, so does that mean that I’m effectively not loving of God? Can you claim to love and respect everyone? If you can, then congratulations, you just beat out Mahatma Gandhi.

    In the end this is nothing to argue about or even get riled over. The beautiful thing about God being who He is is that he doesn’t need anyone’s help to defend Him. God has done, and will continue to do, perfectly all right in that department. Who are we as inferior, sin-tainted beings to claim that we have the right to be God’s spiritual and moral watchdogs?

  9. Raffy says:

    Oh, and to those who believe her unequivocally, the fact that Dr. Brown abuses Demerol and has had her medical license revoked due to malpractice really shouldn’t have any effect on her “credibility”.


  10. Liz says:

    Hi….What a conversation.

    I wanted to drop in a say, from the prospective of someone who actually met and had a relationship with Rebecca Brown and her husband Daniel Yoder, they are nuts.

    Sorry, don’t mean to be so strong but the two are not living, talking, teaching, writing or displaying anything close to the God of the Bible.

    They live by control and fear. Fear that Satan is out to get them and they control people by making them wonder daily what they might be missing that has is a demon attached to it. I remember asking Rebecca one day if there would come a day when I would be clean all the demon attachments in my life. She said no. It was hopeless.

    Rebecca and Daniel hurt me and hurt several other people that I know. Right now I know two people who are running from them. Rebecca and Daniel are dangerous…Please take care before you get anywhere close to these two people.


  11. Paul says:

    Wow, The first time I listened to “Closet Witches” I was in awe. But that was almost 15 years ago. Since then I have become a Pastor and studied the Word of God with great hunger.

    I have had conversations with Mrs. Yoder twice on the phone and she has given me the name of the hospital and the names of three witches she says to watch out for.

    I have since lost my Church because of an Absalom spirit that used one of my deacon to turn the Church against me. But God is greater than any other and has given me another Church to pastor.

    There is a hard line to draw when it come to who to believe, those that post comments against Mrs. Yoder and those that lover her. I do know one thing,”And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?

    And, LuÊ9:49

    And John answered and said, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name; and we forbad him, because he followeth not with us.


    And Jesus said unto him, Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.

    I Know Christ Jesus would have us to tell others of His love and forgiveness, His saving Blood and the salvation we can have in Him

    Therefore, (PhpÊ3:14)

    I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. And, (HebÊ12:2)

    Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

  12. TASHA says:

    I have read the book”pREPARE FOR WAR”, i must sat that i was nearly frightened by the book. I understand that she is trying to unveil truths about spirtituality but she does not offer too much hope for us hopless sinners. Im not looking for anything sugar coated but my goodness i dont need to be afraid to serve God, DO I ???

  13. Sue says:

    I’ve think it is worth remembering that Dr Brown seemed to be in an environment that was particularly demonic. She was dealing with ‘The Brotherhood’, apparently almost beyond compare to any other satanic occultic outfit. I think her principles are correct but we have to realise she was in an extreme situation. The occult, satan and demons are real and she was in the absolute thick of it. She probably had to be very careful because satan was out get her as she was causing his kingdom so much harm. I don’t really have a problem with anything she says – I do feel she comes across as quite harsh sometimes and could use a better choice of words – epecially when talking about things such as mental health problems. Again she really has been at the hard end of things and we must bear that in mind. I admit she appears extremely OTT but IF the brotherhood is really as she describes (and I have no evidence to think it isn’t) then surely that puts what she has to say in perspective.

  14. sara7bride7of7jesuschrist says:

    I truly belive that Rebecca Brown is doing the work of the Lord Jesus.I was once attacked by demons 7 yrs ago.And thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ that he delivered me.And yes he delivered me at home.Jesus has such mercy and compassion for us all.He loves everyone but hates sin.Sin only brings death.I thank God for people like Rebecca Brown.Not to many people have a ministry like her.And whould not like to have one like the Ministry she has.God is doing alot for that ministry.PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST! Time is short.TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION!Jesus came for the sinners.And that is what Rebecca is doing for Jesus.She is also exposing Satan for what he is.Thank you Jesus Christ.So let us not be ignorant of the wiles of Satan.Because he is decieving many.As our lord Jesus said be as wise as serpent and gentle as a dove.Let’s educate ourselves by reading the word.And let the Holy Spirit counsel us.Thank you Jesus! PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME! FOR HE IS WORTHY TO BE PRAISED!HE IS HIGHLY EXALTED!

  15. conj says:

    congrats to sara for completely delivering from attack of demons.praise GOD for the great thing HE had done in your life.youre right, we should not be ignorant from satans work but as a christian we should be the first to know and be aware so that we can help those who are not yet enlightened in GOD’S WORD.remember that we are responsible for the salvation of the unbeliever.we are task to share the TRUTH to set them free from bondage of sin.

  16. Tomas says:

    Hiya, Just been skimmin all this. Seems to be stirring up a lot of thought. Maybe she be a fraud, but then maybe I be a fraud, Hmm. Wonder when the las time I got off on the right track only to go make me an Ishmael, sted of waiting for God to keep His promise. MMM yesterday perhap. Listen all of you. Satan is a deciever, therefore test all things by Scripture, ie The revealed word of the Living God who created all. Don’t get so het up bout it, you all gunna burst somethin doing that. If she wrong then she wrong an God will deal with her, but if she right then Baby, a hard rain is gunna fall. Mind you if you all had read Revelation you’d know that anywho.

    Keep on praising the Righteous One for all He has done, and for all He will do.

    Y’know I read a story few day ago said this little old lady was sitting in her house praising God a the top of her voice, two little troublemakers heard her and decided they would do something about it. Shoved some bread down her chimney. She started whoopin and hollerin and praisin God for the bread. Them little ones just yelled out Hey old lady it weren’t not God it were only us that give you that bread. WEll she just say back to them, Sure it were God, He just used two of satan’s angels for to bring it to me.

    Think about it.