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G. Cosmos – Cease and Desist Order

Remember G. Cosmos, the dubious Japanese home marketing scheme that’s been so prominent in Manila lately? Last week, the SEC issued a cease-and-desist order against the company, based on violations of the the local Securities Registration Code, as well as complaints by customers and reports that Genta Ogami has an overseas criminal record. So enjoy […]

Planet of the Apes Spoilers

Before I watch the new Planet of the Apes, I feel it necessary to refresh my memory of the old Charlton Heston film, as the last time I saw it was as an uninterested child. Lacking a television and DVD player at home, however, I will simply have to settle for these nutshell synopses of […]

Ach! Haggis!

I was feeling adventurous for lunch yesterday, so girlfriend and I went to the European deli in Festival Mall Alabang, and we ordered a plate of haggis, served with brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes. It was greasy and hearty and Scottish and muttonish. Delicious!

GRE Results

Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement for the GRE, Krissy, Dawn, and Clarissa! I took the test, and my results were pretty good, although the Analytical section was, as expected, below average. I hate abstract reasoning logic puzzles. Verbal: 680. (Yaaay!) Quantitative: 600. (Um, uh… Yaaay!) Analytical: 460. (Boooo!) The kind of questions asked […]

Seven Years

This weekend, ******* and I celebrate our seventh year as a couple. Happy anniversary, my luv! To commemorate this occasion, I present Index 28. The blue straw is in memory of all those Manang’s iced teas from the Ateneo cafeteria, where we discovered together that we both like to pick the bendy blue straws. :) […]

Grazing in the green, green grass

The name of my site is based on the popular phrase, “How now, brown cow,” which, to my knowledge, comes from an old poem which starts, “How now, brown cow, grazing in the green, green grass.” Update: Used in elocution teaching to demonstrate rounded vowel sounds. I’ve never found a copy of the full poem, […]

Answer to 9 Truths and a Lie

I almost forgot, in 9 Truths and a Lie, the lie is number 6. I have two left feet, I cannot dance for peanuts, and I will not be made to embarass myself by even trying. At the high school prom, my date and I were content to talk. Actually, we didn’t talk much either; […]

Bring… Back… Kirk!

He should not have died. He did not deserve the death they gave him: bereft of honor, glory … or hope. But… it is not too late… He can still… come back. Bring… back… KIRK!!! *snort* *giggle*

Critiquing the Fundies

P. Andrew Sandlin has an engaging Reformed critique of the Fundamental Baptist movement, but many of his concerns about the FBM don’t apply to Berean Bible Baptist Church, where we’ve been attending for the past three Sundays. As Sandlin says, “there is a great deal of diversity within it [the FBM]. Certain descriptions and criticisms […]

Considering the Fundies

It’s been a long day. We talked to the pastor of Berean Bible Baptist Church this afternoon (no affiliation with The Bereans), and they seem like a good church: conservative and firm, solidly grounded in Scripture, except for this: I am bothered by the exclusivist stand of the Fundamental Baptist denomination (yes, yes, they gave […]