Answer to 9 Truths and a Lie

I almost forgot, in 9 Truths and a Lie, the lie is number 6.

I have two left feet, I cannot dance for peanuts, and I will not be made to embarass myself by even trying. At the high school prom, my date and I were content to talk. Actually, we didn’t talk much either; I was an awkward kid. Well, what do you expect? Dressing up like Parker Lewis and playing too many fantasy role-playing games were not exactly socializing factors. But at least I could whup you good with a Level 4 Summon Lightning. Assuming the dice rolled right.

And yes, I do use women’s deodorant. Rexona Confidence, because of its delightful powder-fresh scent. (I’ve been trying Rexona Fresh-Cotton Dry Stick lately, and I like it too.)

If you desire further expostulation on any other points, just ask.

(Any Incredible Hulk queries will be disregarded. Don’t make me angry. You… you wouldn’t like me… when I’m angry.)