I seem to have been nominated for the Philippine Webbies. Thank you thank you, whoever nominated me!

Just as an intro, then, for my first-time visitors: Hello. My name is Paulo, a.k.a. “brownpau” online. This site is my venue to: (1) display my online resume and portfolio, (2) satisfy my own personal journaling itch, and (3) experiment with any design methods and tricks I may learn or discover. The index page loads one of (at the time of this writing) twenty-seven random blog layouts everytime my site is visited, integrating different sections of content (blog, blog-menu, nav-menu, etc.) with server-side includes. All pages rely on standards-compliant CSS code for layout, rather than old-style HTML tables.

I am an evangelical Christian. Many of you may know me from Pinoyexchange, where I moderate two forums. My day job is in the digital video field, and I’m also available for small independent web design projects.

Anything else you need to know? Click around my site from the navigational links at the top of the blog-menu.