GRE Results

Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement for the GRE, Krissy, Dawn, and Clarissa! I took the test, and my results were pretty good, although the Analytical section was, as expected, below average. I hate abstract reasoning logic puzzles.

Verbal: 680. (Yaaay!)

Quantitative: 600. (Um, uh… Yaaay!)

Analytical: 460. (Boooo!)

The kind of questions asked in the Analytical section: (Exact GRE question changed in respect of test confidentiality…)

Four classes (Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, and Dance Arts) are to be taken by ten students (Harold, Ingeborg, Jorge, Kelly, Larry, Mavis, Norbert, Olwen, Peter, and Qxylplx) for one semester. Anthropology is on Mondays and Thursdays from 9am to 10am and on Saturdays from 8am to 12nn. Biology and Chemistry are 4pm to 6pm on Wednesdays and Fridays respectively. Dance Arts are everyday from 5pm to 7pm. Only six slots are available per class. Every student must attend each class for two hours in a week. Qxylplx must take Biology and Dance Arts on consecutive days, with Kelly joining him in Dance Arts. Norbert must be paired with Mavis on Mondays in Anthropology or Dance. Harold and Ingeborg must enroll in the same class as Larry except on Saturday. Kelly refuses to go to class with Mavis. Given that Olwen and Mavis are pre-enrolled in Chemistry on Fridays, and Peter has pre-enrolled in Dance Arts on Wednesday, what possible schedule conditions MUST be false?

A) Mavis and Kelly in Chemistry on Wednesdays.

B) One full class of Biology on Fridays.

C) Olwen in the same class as Ingeborg on two days out of the week.

D) Harold taking Dance Arts on Saturday and sharing two afternoon classes with Peter.

E) Norbert and Qxylplx in Anthropology on Saturday.

Thoughts running through Paulo’s head at this point: Uummmm… Jeez. If you guys are going to be so picky about what classes to attend, then I don’t see why you bother coming to school to begin with. You’re all expelled. CLICK. (Wah. I want the Verbal Section.)

Clarissa: About the blue straws, well, to be honest, the drinking straws at Manang’s weren’t deep solid blue like that; they were clear with blue stripes. What really matters is the iced tea — and the free refills! :)