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I recently purchased a used SEL16f28 wide angle lens and VCLECF1 fisheye converter for the Sony NEX3 from Eric Cheng, and gave the combo a try around church and DC last Sunday. I’ve found the lens combo is also good for macro shots, as evidenced by these pictures of cherry blossoms and cats. (The cats […]

Recent ISS Captures

The visible part of the International Space Station’s orbit has lately taken it over our area early in the morning, and as we get up at 5AM every day now, I’ve had several opportunities to photograph ISS flyovers from the parking garage roof deck. (The LADEE launch photo was a great encouragement.) First two attempts […]

Saturday: Ben’s, Space, Camera, Oysters

Fun Saturday. While Amy attended to some school tasks I went into town to meet up with mach5 from MeFi at Air and Space. But first, lunch at Ben’s Chili Bowl, my first time. (Yeah, I’ve lived around here for 10 years and never gone to Ben’s. That oversight has now been rectified.) Lunch: chili […]

Santa Puts Me Back in the News

Who’d have thought writing about getting yelled at by the National Santa’s elves would land me back in the local news? This time, my WeLoveDC entry complaining about being stopped from photographing Santa’s Workshop at the National Christmas Tree got picked up in NBC Washington’s Around Town section. (Cue, of course, the requisite “WELL PEOPLE […]


To replace my poor, broken SD1000 I set some of my birthday money aside to purchase a new replacement Powershot; the choice was to either get a simpler SD1100IS or splurge on the newer, wider-angle SD880IS. I opted for the SD1100IS — a cheaper camera closer in build to the older one, so that I […]

End of the SD1000

So as I was saying in my last entry, suddenly, disaster struck! As I was maneuvering between tourists to get a photo of the giant squid, my camera slipped out of my hand and crashed to the hard marble floor, bouncing spectacularly as pieces of plastic flew off the camera lens ring and battery cover. […]

Timelapse: Sunset From a Bus

We were riding a bus back into New Jersey Saturday evening when we saw the sunset. I took out my camera, but the sun and moon are always a lot smaller than your average point-and-shoot can resolve decently, plus the ride was too bumpy and the light too dim to get a good photo or […]

Union Station: 1921, 2008

As promised earlier, an updated photo of Union Station based on this 1921 National Photo Company Collection photo on Shorpy: Can you spot the differences? Look closely! For your reference, read about “The Pit.” As for me and Amy, we’re off to go through this same concourse right now, to catch a train up to […]

Ghostland: 2008

Speaking of recreations of old public domain Library of Congress photos, Shorpy has been going through pictures of Washington, DC from the National Photo Company Collection, and each new image gives me an itch to walk over to the location in the photo and snap a “today” pic. I was able to scratch that itch […]

USA Today on Flickr Commons

Amy and I are briefly mentioned in this USA Today story by Rebecca Kaplan on the Flickr Commons, for our restaging of the LOC lipstick photo. The article doesn’t have the photos themselves but I left a comment with a link, and of course you can see them right here: