The loss of my GoPro Hero4 Session during my last Philippines dive trip gave me an excuse to splurge on a new GoPro Hero8 Black.

GoPro Hero8 Black

Main draw was Hypersmooth 2.0, built-in stabilization, which made for some decent sledding videos — and for cool TimeWarps: smoothed time lapses with smart speed adjustment. I tested this out on a snowy day in late winter (audio added later from a non-timelapse walking video, the squirrelly effect from sped-up footsteps was unexpectedly comedic):

Amy’s also been finding the camera useful for art education, prerecording art lessons and project timelapses for her classes. Meanwhile, though I enjoy the Hero8 for its stabilization, features, and high quality video, I kind of missed the old “little cube” form factor of the Hero4 Session, so I got a used replacement off eBay.

GoPro Hero4 Session and Hero8 Black

They live together now, sharing a case and accessories. Watch my GoPro playlist for updates, I guess.