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Weekend with MeFites

Stynxno and ThePinkSuperhero were on holiday in DC last weekend, so Amy and I took them on a walking tour of the National Mall, one end to the other. (The “walking” part turned out not to be the best idea since it was something like 90°F that day, but everyone managed to survive. Maybe Metro […]


Dan (known to some as insomnyuk on Metafilter) came over to DC for the weekend, so I showed him around NASM and took him on the simulators. Here he is with a Federation starship. (DanTrek.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)

Jacquelyn’s Photos

Jacquelyn (of classics_macros fame) came to visit last week, and has posted her photos from the trip here, including some of me at the Hirshhorn with Giovanni Anselmo’s “INVISIBLE”, her and Amy sitting on Virgil Marti and Pae White’s sittable sculpture, Pandora on the airbed, Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree, and the Chinatown Express Noodle Chef.

Meeting Brandon W

After years of cross-linkage, silver ladles, and other miscellaneous adventures, I finally met up with Brandon today, as he visits DC for an SBL conference. We had an Indian lunch at Mehak near the convention center, and talked about church, weblogs, school, DC, CA, GA, and The Dane. Here is us, post-lunch:

DC Metafilter Meetup

Jessamyn was in DC for a visit, so local MeFites got together for a meetup at Palace of Wonders Argonaut on H St NE. (Palace of Wonders turned out to be closed, so Argonaut served as backup venue. Careful clicking, the sites are Flash-based with sound.) The last photo is in the back of MrMoonPie […]

Wright Night!

I almost didn’t make it, thanks to jury duty and some annoying javascript bugs at work, but finally I ran out of the office, grabbed a taxi to National Cathedral, and caught N.T. Wright speaking on his new book, “Simply Christian.” (And I also managed to snag the last hardcover from the Cathedral book desk, […]

Lunch with OKCalvin

Today was a real treat, as I took today off from work so Amy and I could meet up with OKCalvin and his family for lunch at Air and Space. The DC spring-break-and-field-trip crowd was fairly thick, but we managed to get a seat, and over gyros and hot dogs we talked about theology, aeronautics, […]

Blood in Bethesda

Rebecca Blood, author of Weblogs: A History and Perspective (web) and The Weblog Handbook (print), will be in Bethesda tonight. I’m passing by there after work tonight with my copy of The Handbook. Is anyone else going? Text me. Update, 12mn: I’m back! It was an engaging “Meet the Author” panel discussion with Jesse James […]

Instant Lunch Replay

Just had lunch with Salim. We talked international affairs over shawarma and tabbouleh. Yum.

Photos from Brian’s Wedding

My pencam didn’t do so great at Brian and Stacey’s wedding, but here’s the two shots that weren’t completely dark or blurry: the Garvers and Valerie and me and Wyclif. Now, the good photos are over at Laurel’s place.