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Google Glass

Google Glass is large, conspicuous, and expensive. It’s a bulky two-piece computer prominently clinging to the side of your face on a frame that is unfoldable and unpocketable. Unless you have a bag* with you, Glass pretty much forces you to wear it on your face — and this might be by design. It’s possible […]

Google Reader Shutting Down

Google Reader is shutting down effective July, 2013. I use Google Reader everyday multiple times per day to keep up with webcomics, news, technology, lolcats, and the internet in general, and shifting to an online life without it will be a difficult transition. (I barely use Google Plus at all.) There are many alternatives, and […]

Owning the Clouds – Apology, Withdrawal

Followup to Owning The Clouds and the update: I got an email from Sarah Bernard of 23/6, apologizing for the inadvertent pulling of my video due to Google/YouTube’s content identification. I forgive you, 23/6! Dear Paulo, I’m Sarah Bernard, President of 23/6. Please know that we certainly did not intend for our posting the video, […]

Owning the Clouds – Update

Update: An apology from 23/6, inaction from Google. Update: Good news! I have uploaded my cloud time lapses to Vimeo. To emphasize the authenticity of the footage, I have uploaded the uncut version, with camera jostles and stretches of relatively empty sky that were edited out of the version more popularly distributed as various parodies […]

Owning the Clouds

Update: Please see “Owning the Clouds – Update.” So, is the movie at right loading yet? Every moment that it does not load when the play button is clicked, and every moment that this returns an “unavailable” error page is another moment of Google Video denying me ownership of my own work. Some of you […]

Not a Missile on Google Maps

My first reaction on seeing this Google Maps zoomed-in sat photo was “OMG MISSILE OVER UTAH MUST SEND LINK TO EVERYONE” but OKCalvin has set me aright by pointing out that cruise missiles don’t have dual contrails, and that closer examination of the object shows that its wings are dark against the background: Sure enough, […]

Google Earth Flight Tracking Panic Moment

My brother flew out to Manila yesterday for Christmas, so I was tracking his flight using’s über-cool flight tracking in Google Earth — that’s FAA flight metadata mapped in 3D onto Google Earth and updated live! It was pretty cool to watch the progress of the flight as it headed along the transpolar route […]

Google Goodie Bag

This is a followup to the Google Pages incident. Justin, the project manager, said he’d send a goodie bag, and so he sent me a goodie bag! It arrived yesterday. There’s three Google T-shirts, a “Google Pack” (that is, a small bag with “” on the strap), a Google notebook, and a bunch of little […]

Google Pages

LOOKIT IS TEH BROWNPAU GOOGLE PAGE! So Google Pages gives you 100MB of free HTML and image hosting, a WYSIWYG editor with limited HTML coding capability and themability, and a subdomain. The markup produced isn’t so great, though: lots of crufty tag soup with deprecated elements and invalid code. For me, it’s just part […]

Google Talk

(Google Talk uploaded by brownpau.) Google Talk, Google’s new instant messaging and voice chat service. Sadly, the Google client is Windows only, but Adium X on Mac OS X 10.2.8 is hooking up to Google’s Jabber server just fine, so I’ve at least been able to message other eager early adopters. (Screenshot is of my […]