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OS X Apps

OK, I think this should be my last post on Macs for a while. Here are the “must-have” applications I’ve downloaded for OS X on my MacBook so far: Of course the requisite browsers, Firefox and Opera. Adium for multi-protocol instant messaging, plus Skype, which I use only rarely Textwrangler for code and text editing. […]

This Old Doom

Memories of Doom 1. While all you young whippersnappers have been crowbarring headcrabs in Half Life 2, I downloaded Doom Legacy to my G3 iBook to indulge in some nostalgic pixelated demon-fragging — with the added advantages of higher screen resolution, mouselook, and Quake-like jumping. Has it really been so long since we upgraded to […]


If you enjoyed Scorched Earth and Worms, but crave a more medieval flavor of competitive projectile motion, you’ll love Bowman. Drag mouse to pull string back and adjust bow angle. Twang. “What are you shooting, Dave?”

“Bilbo Baggins deleted himself.”

Middle Earth as MMPORG. From past playings of Avatar MUD and Legend of the Red Dragon, I can attest to the need for Level 1 Newbies to go out into the forest and kill rats and squirrels in droves for a few days before they can get to the major league. That’s to get you […]

Live Long and Paper

Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard. I’m puzzled enough already as to how Paper could possibly beat Rock in the regular game, now you have to wonder why a Lizard would eat Paper, or why Spock would vaporize a rock. I can probably understand Lizard poisoning Spock, though, since Vulcans are vegetarian. But didn’t ancient Vulcans […]

SPac Invaders

Note to Slate: When your subhead mentions “Space Invaders,” it would be nice to make your graphic a Space Invaders screenshot, wouldn’t it?

What a Racket

When you get tired of playing Text Pong, you can always try some Internet Tennis.

Myst Walkthroughs

Comprehensive walkthroughs for Myst, Riven, and Exile. I just started on Riven, and the scenery is absolutely gorgeous.

Past Myst

Myst is a phenomenon like no other in the world of CD-ROM. That’s not a remarkable statement; CD-ROM is too new to have already had many phenomena. Mostly it’s had complaints and dire predictions — it’s too slow, it’s too expensive, it’s too clunky. Guerrillas in the Myst. (Aug 1994) From Wired, a blast from […]

Sword of the Samurai PC game

I never get tired of playing Sword of the Samurai. Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I fought my way to daimyo of the clan Murakami. And when a rival hatamoto was chosen because he had more troops and land, I assassinated him. There.