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Netscape at 10

I wish I’d known this yesterday: I share a birthday with Netscape, that late, great, venerable icon of the dotcom dawn. More links and input on Netscape’s Tenth from WASP and Slashdot.

Opera Looks Like a Browser Again!

While searching for ways to make Opera work with GMail, I stumbled across Opera 7.60 Preview 1 for Windows. (Current stable Windows release is 7.54.) I downloaded it, started it up, and I’m quite happy to say that many of my complaints have been fully addressed in this version. First off, I admit I was […]


“Welcome to CVS Pharmacy! You can only view our website with a dangerous, buggy, unstable, nonsecure, feature-poor web client with patchy and inconsistent CSS and standards compliance, or with the outdated browser of a former AOL subsidiary with even worse standards support. Sure, we could code for all browsers with web standards and get more […]

IE Again

Have you noticed my sidebar link stream lately? Are you getting the message? Do you know what to do? IE-users, I don’t hate you, but thus far, Internet Explorer has held back the rest of the web, and the effects of its flaws have snowballed in recent days. There has never been a more opportune […]


In this day and age, it bears repeating over and over again: don’t use Internet Explorer, don’t use Internet Explorer, don’t use Internet Explorer. Never mind that it’s what came with your Windows PC; there are far better browsers. Get Mozilla, get Firefox, get Opera, but please, for your own good, for the good of […]

Make Opera Look Like a Browser Again

Update, 2006: Opera 9.x is now free, and much more browser-like. Pretty much all of the stuff here can now be disregarded, except for the stuff about the status bar. Update, Oct 2004: Opera Looks Like a Browser Again! As of Opera 7.60, only steps 3, 5, 6, and 7 from this page are necessary. […]

Ghosts of Netscape Past

Go to and you’d barely be able to tell there was once a browser there. That’s because AOL plans to slap the “Netscape” name onto some kind of desktop tool which may look like this. But if you’re looking for the classic Netscape Communicator and all the horror that entails, it’s still there, in […]

It’s not my fault

Yes, I’m well aware of how awful this site looks in IE/Windows, and I’m working on it, though I shouldn’t have to. If you want CSS to render properly, perhaps you should G.A.R.B. (Get A Real Browser.)

Opera Bork!

“Hergee berger snooger bork bork bork!” – MSN via the Swedish Chef. That is priceless. Utterly priceless. In other news, a mild db fluke has been rectified. I will upgrade to MT2.6 when the time and opportunity present themselves, along with a bunch of other code revisions. Soon, my pretties, soon.