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Over the Atlantic

Amy and I have just returned from a short London holiday. We walked through various historic landmarks, saw much art, climbed several spiral staircases, rode the Tube, met up with Sparticus and even got to watch Star Trek at Leicester Square a full day before its US release date. I’m uploading the photos right now, […]

Walk Through DCA

After dropping off my parents at National Airport, I went on the long walk from Terminal A (the original 1941 airport building) to Terminal B/C (the newer, larger airport) to catch the Metro to work, stopping in the historic lobby to check out the exhibit hall and watch a plane take off: There’s a somewhat […]


UAV exhibit at Air and Space. I stitched this panorama from a 3×4 matrix of photos from the second floor, leaving ragged borders uncropped to keep the full range of view. Visible here: RQ-7A Shadow 200, RQ-3A DarkStar, MQ-1L Predator, X-45A J-UCAS, and RQ-2A Pioneer. Larger image, and official NASM press release.

Rear Window

A quick tip for couples flying coach class on long-haul flights: if you’re riding a 747-400 and you like windows, reserve a pair of seats at the very rear of the plane. The last three rows of seating go from 3-4-3 to 2-4-2 because of the tapering of the fuselage, so you can reserve two […]


From JFK Airport, the trip had three legs: 6 hours on United to Los Angeles, 16 hours on United to Hong Kong (where we would spend an overnight layover), and 2 hours on Philippine Airlines to Manila. Highlights of the flight included flyovers of the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and Siberia; an overnight layover in […]

America by Air

Assorted shots from the new “America By Air” exhibit at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. It’s an impressive addition and update to a museum which I’ve often complained is sorely outdated, and going around the exhibit was a wonderful indulgence to my inner planefan. Also see my DC Metroblogging entry and my full photoset.

Not a Missile on Google Maps

My first reaction on seeing this Google Maps zoomed-in sat photo was “OMG MISSILE OVER UTAH MUST SEND LINK TO EVERYONE” but OKCalvin has set me aright by pointing out that cruise missiles don’t have dual contrails, and that closer examination of the object shows that its wings are dark against the background: Sure enough, […]

Aerial Panoramas from the Flight to Palawan

I got these panoramas on the flight to (and from) Taytay, Palawan, aboard a lovely old Let410 UVP-E dual engine turboprop. More on the vacation at Club Noah soon.

Google Earth Flight Tracking Panic Moment

My brother flew out to Manila yesterday for Christmas, so I was tracking his flight using’s über-cool flight tracking in Google Earth — that’s FAA flight metadata mapped in 3D onto Google Earth and updated live! It was pretty cool to watch the progress of the flight as it headed along the transpolar route […]

Lost Bags: Followup

My squeaky wheeling about Airtran and Lost Bags received some “grease”: email apologies from DCA Ops Manager Robert Sullivan, Carla Hodge of Airtran’s Central Baggage Service, and Airtran’s DCA Station Manager Chanel Johnson. Miss Johnson was very responsive, promised action on the hitches in the process, and offered to repair or replace the bag within […]