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Feed Changes

If you follow How Now Brownpau through a feed reader, change the feed URL to (The current feed URL will soon redirect.) I’m starting to aggregate to a single stream (with help from a Yahoo Pipe) so that my dear readers are saved the trouble of visiting a plethora of sites (or subscribing to […]

Area Man Takes Escalator Video, Appears On Local News

Some of you may have seen me on TV last night, on FOX 5 News Edge at 11 (news story, video). Our local Fox affiliate sent reporter Jessica Weinstein to interview me at Foggy Bottom yesterday, site of the Metro Escalator Mess that I caught on video. I recall talking at length about Metro delays […]

Ghostland: 2008

Speaking of recreations of old public domain Library of Congress photos, Shorpy has been going through pictures of Washington, DC from the National Photo Company Collection, and each new image gives me an itch to walk over to the location in the photo and snap a “today” pic. I was able to scratch that itch […]

USA Today on Flickr Commons

Amy and I are briefly mentioned in this USA Today story by Rebecca Kaplan on the Flickr Commons, for our restaging of the LOC lipstick photo. The article doesn’t have the photos themselves but I left a comment with a link, and of course you can see them right here:


Good heavens, two Caturday posts in a row due to total weblog non-activity! It has been a long, busy week of late nights, and I feel mostly like doing what Pandora is doing in this photo.


Here is a quick macro video of Pandora doing one of her meow-yawns, a meow that gets interrupted by a sleepy yawn: When I play back this video on the computer she perks up at the sound of the meow and looks around for the other cat who sounds just like her.

Photo Booth

And now, I present to you my first two Photo Booth snapshots: At right, the “Squeeze” effect is used to greatly exaggerate my hair and chin. At left, what looks like a simple disheveled self-portrait is actually a successful application of Photo Booth’s “Tired Guy in Bathrobe with Messy Shower-Hair” effect. I don’t look like […]

New MacBook: “Hidalgo”

Yup, I got a new MacBook. First off, a semi-postmortem on my faithful old G3/700 iBook, “Vizzini,” which dropped from a loosely zipped backpack onto a hardwood floor on 29 Dec 2007 while we were at Tali Beach. It has actually continued to work since then, but with an irretrievably broken CD drive, a screen […]