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Last Entry for the Year

This will probably be my last entry for the year, as my current 24 hour WIZ pass is about to run out, the internet has been dog slow thanks to the earthquake, plus I’m going to an old friend’s wedding tonight, and first thing tomorrow morning I’m off to Club Noah in Palawan for a […]

Saddam Executed

Saddam Hussein has been hanged. My first thought on seeing the news was, “I wonder if this counts towards the ‘Three Famous Deaths’ rule, after James Brown and Gerald Ford?” Then my second thought was that wow, internet traffic’s going to skyrocket starting right now, so I’d better post something. So what’s good about this […]


Now with bonus dog! I have yet to fly home to Pandora, so all the Caturday I can offer you this weekend is one of the Philippines’ ubiquitous stray cats which I managed to startle under a parked SUV in a church parking lot: To make up for the lack of any other cat photos, […]

Greenbelt Panoramas

I’ve spent the last couple of days hanging out at Greenbelt (last night to meet with old friends Tiff and Sonni), and I definitely like what they’ve done to the place. Long time readers will remember my post on Makati’s evolution — one that continues to this day. Witness what has become of that space […]

Have the Water Current an Empress

This is a sticker on the front of the water dispenser Dad just got. Made in China. We still don’t know what it means, and the hot water spout still doesn’t work. Anyone got an empress handy? We’re fresh out.

McRice Burger

This is a Beef Supreme McRice Burger, a beef patty with lettuce and sauce between two patties of molded sticky rice rather than the usual bread bun. It’s apparently been a big hit at Asian McDonald’s outlets, though my friends here in Manila say the P100 price tag for a meal is a bit steep. […]

Christmas Loot Roundup 2006

The Scotch Humour: Music of Nicola Matteis and Españoleta (from Amy) Thai batik pants with elephants on them (from my parents, in addition to this trip and all the dental work) Codex Faenza and Music for a Medieval Banquet (from Francis) Banana Peel slippers (from Jung) USB LED light (from Javi) Red sport shirt with […]

Happy Operculectomy Plus Shave and a Haircut Day!

You’ll be about halfway to the clinic way out in Alabang before you realize you’ve forgotten the panoramic X-Ray you spent 800 pesos on last week to see how straight your wisdom teeth are. The dentist said that the best thing would be to eventually have them all extracted, but the soonest the oral-maxillofacial surgeon […]


Round these parts we eat our Christmas fruitcake. And enjoy it, too.