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It’s a Brownpau Holiday Extravaganza!

If you’re still wondering about possible presents to give in this last week to shop before Christmas comes, remember that Pandora calendars, mugs, and dog shirts are still available, and BTQ shirts and mugs make perfect gifts for the language curmudgeons and philosophy professors in your life. Raffy and I also have a bunch of […]

Photo Retrospective: Westmont Village, 1998-2002

I moved out of my parents’ home in San Juan when I was 21, just a few months after graduating. I was young and reckless and in love, and needed the freedom to make huge life and career decisions out on my own. The place I chose to live was Westmont Village, a highly-compressed modular […]

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Ask MetaFilter: Freelancing? (tags: metafilter business work finance) Morgan Freeman Defies Labels. “You’re going to relegate my history to a month?” (tags: race history usa) Amando Doronilla: Coup slapstick. ‘The takeover of Club Filipino looks more like a slapstick with lots of ham acting by aging ex-generals suffering from messianic complex and from too much […]

links for 2005-12-16 on building Seed Magazine with Movable Type. (tags: mt design science) Hitler and Christianity. What were Hitler’s religious beliefs? (tags: history faith hitler) Cute Overload! Weblog of cute animals and things. Heart-melting. (tags: cute blogs fun photos animals) drulogion: “I Believe in the Virgin Birth.” Why we believe that Christ was born of a […]

Photo Retrospective: Memories of Manila, 2000-2002

Last night I scanned and uploaded several photos I took of Manila from 2000 to early 2002 with my point-and-shoot Canon Prima BF-800. Now, when I say “Manila,” I actually mean “Metro Manila,” the metropolitan area hugging Manila Bay, consisting of various cities and municipalities, from Valenzuela and Caloocan City to the north, to Parañaque […]

links for 2005-12-15

Color conversion (RGB/CMYK/HSV) From web tools. (tags: color design graphics) DCist: Dissecting the SmarTrip. What’s inside the DC Metro SmarTrip card. (tags: dc metro tech) Particletree: A Guide to Starting Your Business (tags: business finance work) Big Stock Photo. Buy — and sell! — your stock photos. Downloads run about $1-$2 each, and contributing […]

More Hosting Issues (updated)

My shared server on Affordablehost continues to have persistent database issues, probably from some other user getting DDOS’d or Slashdotted or running infinitely looping database calls. Twice yesterday, my site has jumped into a time warp, first the MySQL databases resetting back to Nov 26, then the whole site resetting back to Dec 12. Then, […]

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Lyrics to “Riu Riu Chiu.” 16th Century Spanish Christmas carol. (tags: music christmas spanish faith) Scott Adams: Intelligence is Overrated. Pondering the existence of God, intelligence and design, and why dogs are happier than dentists. Somewhat deistic-humanist, leaning to pantheism at the end, but also very perceptive. And funny. (tags: philosophy) Small Biz 101: Cash […]

A Candlelight Carol Service

Early Sunday evening was the Christmas Candlelight Carols Service at First Baptist DC. The choir (of which I am a part), joined the Calvary Baptist Choir, the Friday Morning Music Club, and the Runnymede Singers (no website), to sing such Christmas greats as Gustav Holst’s “Christmas Day” medley (a rather fast and challenging piece) and […]

links for 2005-12-13

Bubble Meter. Tracking the progress of the popping (deflating?) DC housing bubble. (tags: dc realestate blogs) CSS-Technique: Worn Type. Elegantly simulate worn type with CSS, by superimposing a transparent dirt-and-scratches GIF over a plain text header. (tags: css type design)