Observations on the Trip to Work

First snowflakes from the approaching system are starting to fall, but it’s too light to even be considered flurries. Temperature is in the mid 40s, so nothing would stick, but that’ll change later this afternoon to early evening. DC should be under a picturesque winter blanket by tomorrow morning.

Is it Metro Buffet Day or something? At Union Station, a man was brazenly eating an everything bagel with cream cheese while waiting for the Red Line, and at Farragut North, I saw someone on the train with a glass of iced tea. Not a fastfood cup or a tumbler, mind you, but a glass. Of iced tea. With a slice of lemon in it. He sipped from it as though he were sitting on a porch in Alabama, watching the sun set.

One of these mornings, you should go get a sausage+egg+cheese bagel from Bagels Etc. on P Street between 21st and 22nd St NW. Just go. Do it. The Asian family behind the counter runs a tight ship, with a lightning-fast assembly line that delivers food to you like clockwork. Seriously; it’s fun to watch them at work.