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links for 2005-09-30

Filipino Young Professionals – Washington, D.C. (tags: dc philippines) WMATA Art In Transit. Art by DC Metro line. (tags: dc art metro) Sign up to be contacted by the Army National Guard and get three free iTunes music downloads. Weirdest recruitment hook ever. (tags: music mac usa) Johnny Damon really needs to shave. Actually it’s […]

links for 2005-09-29

Cool OS X Apps (tags: mac software blogs) Making Waves on the Hill: Joel Achenbach on the Michael Brown/FEMA hearings. “His biggest regret is that other people were such idiots…. And Americans strongly, personally regret that when a catastrophe hit our nation, the federal emergency chief turned out to be Barney Fife.” (tags: news politics) […]

Juxtaposition of Rich and Poor

Working from this BBC story on Philippine poverty, Deebeedee posts a bunch of his own photos showing the stark contrast between rich and poor on his recent visit to the Philippines. It’s a sad and shocking juxtaposition: shanty towns beside mansions, squatters beside business centers. We Filipinos, unfortunately, have grown rather jaded to it all. […]

links for 2005-09-28

The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity. Great illustrations. (tags: fun psychology) Secondhand Smoke Weblog on issues involving assisted suicide/euthanasia, bioethics, human cloning, biotechnology, and the dangers of animal rights/liberation. Nothing to do with cigarettes that I can tell. (tags: blogs) Internet memes category on Wikipedia. (tags: net culture) Rapid-Born Planets Present ‘Baby Picture’ of Our […]

links for 2005-09-27

MTAmazon: plugin for Movable Type. Retrieve Amazon affiliate product links from your Movable Type weblog. (tags: mt amazon) 4WallsInDC – Free Washington DC Apartment Guide. Free for renters, that is. Property owners pay a listing fee. (tags: dc apartments) David Heddle: Intelligent Design belongs in the Science Classroom. “It shouldn’t be part of the […]

Closeups of Tethys

Cassini flies by Tethys and Hyperion, and the photos so far have been awesome and weird! I especially want to point out this fascinating view, which, if you look at it closely, reveals what appears to be a string of small impact craters, in a straight line over older terrain. What kind of meteor impact […]

Accordion Guy and the Redhead Get Hitched

Congratulations to Joey “Accordion Guy” de Villa and his lovely bride, Wendy “The Redhead” Koslow, who were married last Saturday in a mixed Filipino-Judaic ceremony which I would have loved to see. Joey wore his Barong Tagalog, as he said he would, and I think it a good sign for my own future plans to […]

links for 2005-09-25

Official “Lost” episode recaps. Catching up on the story, because it’s getting good. (tags: tv) MLive Home Improvement: What causes that thin film of black residue leaking from my hot water faucets and pipes? The black residue may be a biofilm formed from colonies of iron-eating bacteria which gather in water heaters. I have this […]

Solanum quitoense

Those of you who were wondering what the thorny green-and-purple plant here was, I asked about it on Metafilter. It’s called the Bed of Nails plant, or Naranjilla in Central America, scientific name Solanum quitoense. I don’t think I’ll be growing any of those soon, as they would probably be a literal pain to repot.

Amykow v2

I’m happy to announce that is back in action. Amy wanted to start with a clean slate so she could focus more on her art, so the older Blogger entries are now lost to the ages. The site now runs on WordPress, with a template I specifically designed to act as gallery rather than […]