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links for 2005-07-31

Yamaha Papercrafts. (tags: fun art) ESA – Mars Express – Water ice in crater at Martian north pole. (tags: space)

links for 2005-07-30

Scientist posts photos of his own brain surgery. Graphic images, so be warned. He calls his tumor “The Alien.” (tags: photos science health) BBC NEWS: IRA says armed campaign is over (tags: news politics) Most talkative Metro train operator ever. Last night the Red Line train operator told everyone to look up from their “Blueberries.” […]

links for 2005-07-29

SideJobTrack. Web-based job tracking, invoicing, reporting and project management software for the part-time independent contractor. (tags: business free) Egg and Muffin Toaster (tags: food home tech) AutoStitch. Automatic 2D image stitcher, with free demo. (tags: photography software) U.S. CHRISTIAN FLAG. BEAUTY AND BANDS WITH EAGLE CARRYING CROSS AND BANNER. (tags: fun cults) What You Can […]

Gamma Hydra Section Ten

Saying the Bible tells Jews and Christians to kill homosexuals is like saying that Star Trek II is all about Captain Saavik’s failed attempt to rescue the Kobayashi Maru from the Klingon Neutral Zone.

links for 2005-07-28

Excellent Jewish response to Kent Ashcraft’s “Letter to Dr. Laura.” (tags: faith fun) Blinksale – online invoice sending. (tags: business ruby) Thirsty art lover suspected of drinking sculpture. And that’s what you get for trying to pass off a water bottle as “art,” even if it’s full of melted Antarctic ice. (tags: art fun news) […]

Anchovies and DIA

Thursday, I met up with Scully for a last lunch (but not a last meeting) before he heads north, and we ate at Pizzeria Paradiso, where I ordered something called a Napolitana. This involved the ingestion of a greater volume of anchovies in a single sitting than I had consumed in the last two years. […]

links for 2005-07-27

Everybody loves Eric Raymond. Overly geeky webcomic about Eric Raymond, Richard Stallman, and Linus Torvalds. (tags: webcomics) How do I make excellent roasted garlic? (tags: food askmetafilter) Are we Clear on This? Interview with ex-Scientologist Tory Bezazian in The Door Magazine. (tags: cults) NASA Spaceflight Gallery. With images, video, and audio from NASA missions. (tags: […]

Heat Wave, July 2005

(One Oh Five. uploaded by brownpau.) As you can see in the photo, my home thermometer recorded a maximum outdoor temperature of 105.6°F (about 41°C) today. Walking around outside felt like baking in an oven, or like being back in Manila. More from CapitalWeather.

STS-114 Launches

Liftoff! Discovery is in orbit, and STS-114 is well and fully underway. The fuel sensor problem which had previously delayed the launch was not an issue this morning. Mission timeline, mission updates, and the Wikipedia entry. Also posted to Metafilter. Update: Fuel tank camera shows debris flying off the tank during separation, but it didn’t […]

links for 2005-07-26

Reaching for the First Rung (video). WaPo feature on 48 hours of homelessness in DC. (tags: dc homeless video) Patently Silly – The Humor of Invention – presented by Daniel Wright. (tags: blogs fun law) Tangerine, Lychee, and Chocolate toothpastes. (tags: fun health advertising) Finnish Recipe Cards from the 70’s (Flickr photostream) In the tradition […]