Anchovies and DIA

Thursday, I met up with Scully for a last lunch (but not a last meeting) before he heads north, and we ate at Pizzeria Paradiso, where I ordered something called a Napolitana. This involved the ingestion of a greater volume of anchovies in a single sitting than I had consumed in the last two years. Zoidberg would have been proud.

I spent the afternoon attending a Democracy In Action online communications strategy session at Public Citizen HQ. I didn’t see Nader, though. I did get to hear stuff on content management and online activism from web folk at Common Cause, Greenpeace, and Oceana. The latter talk was especially interesting, as they use Typo3 as their CMS, and it’s looking like a tolerable oasis in the wilderness of open-source content management.

Thunderstorms then rolled through the DC area just after work hours, signalling an end to the heat wave. The temperature has dropped nearly thirty degrees since then.