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links for 2005-04-30

S60Bible: Bible Reader for Symbian OS Series 60. A biblereader for my Nokia phone! (tags: faith mobile) Palmshare Bibles for Bible+ software. Bible files for the aforementioned Symbian Bible reader. (tags: faith mobile) All About Symbian: Series 60 Freeware. Nice list of useful Series 60 freeware utilities. (tags: mobile) 3-Lib: Series 60 Freeware. (tags: mobile) […]

Opportunity Stuck on a Dune

Mars Rover Opportunity seems to have roved into a rather deep patch of sand from which it is now having trouble extricating itself. Check out this hazcam photo to see just how far into the Martian sand the wheels have sunk. The rover team at JPL is carefully working on solutions for Opportunity to wiggle […]

Arnold, the Adventists, and the Sabbath

Legalism 101: in which Arnold, a Christian ex-Seventh Day Adventist, meets up with his old Adventist friends. (Update: Life Outside Adventism, a followup epistle from Arnold.) I remember reading some Adventist literature in a Wordstar document a long time ago, and it was, at the start, good and solid Christian doctrine on sin, grace, salvation, […]

links for 2005-04-29

Aardvark Firefox Extension. When activated, Aardvark shows a border around HTML elements, with a tooltip showing the element type and ID or class. Very useful for development. (tags: firefox) interview with the “Winner or Sinner” preacher. Apparently this guy stands outside Oxford Circus tube station (that’s in some place called England) and literally preaches […]

When Paulo Got DSL

Well, I’m now on DSL; I ordered the service last week, got the self-install kit with modem/wireless router two days ago, and the activation notice came today. Installation was seamless: hooking everything up and installing and configuring the software took just 30 minutes. Cancelling my old — and faithful — dialup account at Allvantage took […]

Exploding Toads and a Movie Review

Toads in Germany are mysteriously exploding, and scientists aren’t sure what’s causing it. I’ll bet it involves the introduction of nanomeds into their environment followed by large doses of gamma radiation. (Yeah, yeah, I just rented Hulk. Not all that great; the movie was really trying for a “comic book” effect, and what it achieved […]

links for 2005-04-28

The Unofficial ARK II Appreciation Page. I’m amazed I remember this TV series at all. (tags: retro tv scifi) Supertrain. 1970s TV series about a giant nuclear powered train. Huge flop. (tags: retro tv) The Case for the Empire. From the May 16, 2002 Daily Standard: Everything you think you know about Star Wars is […]


First photo with my new Nokia 6600. Of course it’s of my cat.

Sky as Subject

I walked home from work today, passing by the White House to check on the Treasury Duck (update on that here), but she wasn’t nesting when I dropped by, so I moved on. Lots of lovely sky scenery: Traffic light at North Capitol St and E St near Union Station, with altocumulus translucidus clouds overhead. […]

links for 2005-04-26 Table Tennis Game. Pretty cool Flash table tennis game. (tags: flash games) Caroline Marcil’s Star Spangled Blunder, and subsequent redemption. (tags: news) Jon S. von Tetzchner begins his transatlantic swim after Opera gets one million downloads in four days. Daily updates on his journey. “Look at me! I’m floating! I’m floating!” (all satire, of […]