Christ Church Cathedral Choir at the NGA

DCist review of the Christ Church Cathedral Choir. I watched that concert at the National Gallery last Sunday, and was quite enthralled. From “Zadok the Priest” to “God Bless Great Washington,” their performance was flawless — and a bit bouncy, too. Most of the choir consists of young boys, after all, so some of that youthful energetic playfulness came out in funny body language, but the whole time, not a single note was missed, and the timbre of every voice was utterly angelic.

The John Snetzler chamber organ was an interesting link to the “Gilbert Stuart” theme of the concert: wheeled in from the Musical Instruments exhibit at NMAH, it had originally been owned by George Washington’s surgeon. Stuart, having been an organist in his youth, may well have played — or at least listened to — a few pieces on this organ.

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