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The Red Ferret Journal. / shopping Woot! One day, One deal. / shopping Mighty Goods: Shopping Blog. / shopping Free After Rebate. / shopping Smittens! Mittens for couples holding hands in the cold. / fun DC for Shopaholics WIth Metro stops! / dc Ex Astris Scientia – Bernd Schneider’s Star Trek Site. Encyclopedic Trek fan […]

Tomato Notice

Tomato ingredients served only on request.


I didn’t think Lucas could do worse than having Greedo shoot first, but he did: Sebastian Shaw was replaced by prequel actor Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker’s Jedi spirit at the end of Return of the Jedi. The rationalization I’ve been hearing is that a Jedi spirit is his “pure” manifestation, and that Anakin is […]

Holiday Weekend Recap

I had an excellent extended holiday weekend, thanks to the warm and welcoming hospitality of Amy’s family. Activities were as follows: Thursday: Thanksgiving service at Amy’s church, followed by turkey, stuffing, and pie at Amy’s grandma’s place somewhere in the hills of New Jersey. Also tried playing Halo 2 on the X-Box with Amy’s younger […]

The Jedi of South Street Seaport

While Amy and I were at South Street Seaport to sightsee, shop, and meet up with Riffola, we saw this Jedi Knight. Photo taken with a Canon Powershot A400.

Church Cornucopia

Pumpkins and flowers at the chancel for thanksgiving.

Metropark, NJ

Ah, Metropark, gateway to New Jersey’s inner suburbia.[Metropark station information]

North by Rail

On the train. Got a window seat, surrounded by loud cellphone talkers. 2.5 hour trip.

Off to Another NJ Thanksgiving

Same as last year, I’m about to get on a train heading north to New Jersey, to spend Thanksgiving and the long weekend with Amy and her folks; wonderful people, all of them. I’ve set up Flickr to post mobile photos to here, so stay tuned for snapshots. (Too bad they still don’t set categories […]


While the Inq7 movie section is fawning all over Oliver Stone’s Alexander for its “historical accuracy,” the Tomatometer for the movie is unequivocally rotten. I especially like Glen Oliver’s delightfully uncharitable review.