Walkathon for the Homeless, 2004

I joined the Help the Homeless Walkathon yesterday. I had rather stupidly waited till the last minute to register, quite missing the notice that the cutoff date for online registration was last Tuesday. I then rather stupidly forgot to do laundry the night before, and had to do my socks hurriedly that morning, having no other socks to walk in. Then, upon arriving — late — at the crowded Walkathon registration point outside the National Gallery, I realized that I had rather stupidly forgotten to write down any contact info for anyone in my group from church, overoptimistically trusting instead in my ability to find a needle in a haystack.

Long story short, I confirmed my registration individually, got my T-shirt, and joined the Walkathon alone, taking pictures of walkers and musicians along the way. It was a long, fun walk: across the National Mall, down Independence Ave, around the Tidal Basin, and back to the Mall to finish near the National Gallery. Along the way, I was interviewed by PBS for Jim Lehrer’s Newshour. I very much doubt I’ll be featured — I don’t interview well for TV, dissolving into rather stupid, incoherent rambling on camera.

In case you missed the links: Walkathon photo album here.

I’m sure next year will be better.