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The Atlantic – When George Meets John. Analyzing Bush and Kerry’s past debate appearances. / politics Freegans. Protesting food waste by eating it from the trash. / food culture Presidential Debate Bingo! / politics fun Shatner’s "Invasion Iowa" auditions actually a Reality TV gimmick. KIIIIIIRK!!!! / shatner Slate writer complains that the Smithsonian American Indian […]

Bearing Fruit

I have a few questions about homosexuality in church. Can gay individuals become members of a Christian church? Can a gay member occupy a position of authority in the church (e.g. deacon, elder, teacher) if he demonstrates the skill and ability to serve? Can a single gay man become an ordained minister at your church? […]

EKG: Flatlining the Kingdom

When all the Purpose-Driven books and keychains have been sold, and everyone has had their forty days, what comes next? “EKG, The Heartbeat of God,” of course! Key quote: “We cannot be satisfied with incremental growth. The Kingdom of God is about exponential growth.” Churches jump from one Big Evangelistic Revival Program to the next, […]

SS1 Launch

Spaceship One is in the air right now, riding on its carrier plane, White Knight, for its second suborbital flight, the first flight of its X-Prize attempt. Best of luck to them on this historic launch. More links: SpaceflightNow SS1 Status Center here, for live text updates, and NASA TV has a live webcast. Discussion […]

Tobacco on Trial on WordPress

We have a new weblog project up at work: Tobacco on Trial, tracking the progress of the government lawsuit against the tobacco industry. The blog runs on WordPress, with a variation of Binarybonsai’s Kubrick for layout. I had a bit of a struggle modifying Kubrick’s stylesheet: simplifying the design, removing the need for extra background […]


I’ve determined that in order to completely wipe all your Movable Type entries, comments, categorizations, trackbacks, and sent pings, while leaving configuration and templates intact, you need to truncate only the following tables in your Movable Type MySQL db: mt_category mt_comment mt_entry mt_placement mt_tbping mt_trackback When that’s done, you have a virtual tabula rasa, into […]

Outside the NMAI

I walked down to the new National Museum of the American Indian this afternoon, hoping to catch a short line in its last open hour, but no luck: while the museum remains popular, entry requires a timed pass, and it will probably be so for a long time, as with the Holocaust Museum and the […]

False Alarm Again

Fire alarms normally have that long, steady machine-gun ring which brings you right back to high school: persistent, alarming, as they are meant to be. The alarm I heard at 2:00 AM this morning was different: claaannnngggg, pause, claaannnngggg, pause, claaannnngggg, like a high-pitched church bell. Not an uncommon occurrence in this apartment building; I […]


Lileks on Swaggart and atheists. “But I have no time for atheists who look at the good works of churches, and nevertheless feel superior because they don’t believe in a Magic Book.” My gauge for an atheist’s intellect is the word “Jebus.” The moment someone uses that tired Simpsons gag, I regard him about as […]

That Burning Sensation

Amy gifted me with a pot of fresh basil over the summer, and tonight I took the first leaf cuttings to a pan of chili basil chicken on rice. Instead of fresh chili, however, I picked up a jar of Thai chili-garlic paste at Da Hua Market in Chinatown, and unsure of what quantity of […]