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Edsa 3’s Slow Death

It turns out that events last night may have formed a crucial node in this national drama. Pro-Erap conspirators in high places tried, by bribery, to provoke defections in the Philippine military and start an armed revolt against President Macapagal-Arroyo’s government. They failed; not one general defected, and the military still stands firm with Gloria. […]

DigitalRice Service Problems

Argh. Digitalrice sure is screwy these days. I personally am okay with the long URL, as long as fast and reliable service is offered. There have been a lot of server timeouts, and my site has to constantly live on two different URL’s. I would use a URL-shortcut service, but that messes up my stats […]

JV Ejercito incites class struggle

A contingent of proErap loyalists has set out for Makati, amid incitements from JV Ejercito to occupy the Paseo-Ayala intersection and “take on the rich.” This is too much. This deliberate instigation of class war is going to cost our country valuable investment, precious business, and ultimately, jobs for everyone. Good God, it may even […]

Edsa “III” – Civil War?

With power-hungry politicians and their crony religious leaders taking full advantage of the poverty and ignorance of the Filipino people and fanning the flames of a brewing class conflict, plus instabilities in our military, and active dissension in the streets, we now face the very real danger of a civil war here in the Philippines.

Edsa “III” Continues

I believed in the spirit of Edsa in 1986, and I still do today. But now I realize I was dubious about Edsa 2, because I was certain at the time that there were still better ways to resolve the issue before taking to the streets. Yet, we ousted Erap, and things seemed fine. But […]

Edsa “III” begins

Thousands of pro-Erap supporters are gathering at Edsa now to protest their idol’s arrest and to demand that he be restored to the presidency. Don’t they understand that he was robbing them blind and just using their gullible fanaticism to satisfy his hunger for power? No, I will not be judgmental. Until I witness the […]

Erap Arrested

Ah, a bright and clear sunny day! Perfect day to arrest and jail a deposed criminal ex-president! Here’s my MeFi thread on it.

Hard disk spin

I did something weird to my hard disk yesterday. It’s been hanging a lot lately, making weird clicky-whirring noises and generally showing all the signs that it’s ready to crash. Back in Palau, Eric told me that he once cured a hard disk problem like that by taking it out of the computer and throwing […]

Travel Log: Palau

I’m back from Palau! Here’s a detailed, rather long blog entry about the vacation. (It being a diving vacation, don’t be surprised that this entry is just one big dive log.) The flight to Palau took about two and a half hours, fast and uneventful. We landed at a relatively small airport (not too high-tech, […]

Kitty Incident – Rabies

We’re leaving for Palau first thing tomorrow morning, and I know I should be packing up right now and attending to several chores, but yesterday was such a long, eventful, expensive, and painful day that I cannot let it pass unwritten. On the way home from the mall yesterday afternoon, as I was walking toward […]