Hard disk spin

I did something weird to my hard disk yesterday.

It’s been hanging a lot lately, making weird clicky-whirring noises and generally showing all the signs that it’s ready to crash. Back in Palau, Eric told me that he once cured a hard disk problem like that by taking it out of the computer and throwing it into the air, spinning, over a pillow. He didn’t know why it worked; just that tech support for that particular brand of disk told him to do it.

I decided to give it a try. I opened up my CPU, removed the Seagate Medallist 2110 hard disk, dropped it a couple of times — with a fast and violent spin — onto a pillow, then put it back into the CPU.

It’s working fine now. No problems. No more hanging, no more lags, no more clicks and whirrs. I’m happy.