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Survivor spoilers? I’m not so sure about it anymore. I can’t seem to find any Survivor episode on AXN’s program guide earlier than Friday, 10pm, which is (correct me if my timezones are wrong) after the Thursday night episode that you Americans enjoy. Well, I shall see. No great loss to me if I can’t […]

Acetone for Super-Glue

Mike, for super-glue problems like that, you need acetone. Lots of it. Something similar happened to me a few weeks ago: while I was trying to repair a broken keychain, my tube of super-glue suddenly burst and spilled fast-setting adhesive all over my right hand. I simply washed and rubbed in acetone till I’d gotten […]

Lots of “work”

I haven’t been blogging at all lately because I’m so exhausted. Lots of work. Actually, that’s a fib: we’ve had hectic days with lots of work, followed by stretches of time filled with nothing. Yesterday was a nothing-day in the office, so I spent the day playing Counterstrike by myself with a bunch of bots, […]

Travel Log: Missions Trip to Mindoro and Katakian

In February 2001, I was invited by the Flying Medical Samaritans for a missionary “field trip” to a couple of the islands they minister to and the orphanage they run. Gosh, where do I begin? So many stories to tell of that weekend. Saturday morning, we took off from Manila Airport on a Britten-Norman Islander […]

Flying to Mindoro. Now.

Bye, everyone! I’m off to the islands for the weekend to acquaint myself with missionary work. By sunrise tomorrow, we’ll be aloft in a single engine Cessna, headed for Mindoro. You can still text me if you need to get in touch; I think there are cell-sites scattered across the island. Before I go, here’s […]


We all know WinXP is coming out, but I’m more interested in what the computing world is saying about it. All things considered, I’m not looking forward to this “next-generation” OS. But then, that’s what I said when I first saw Win95. (Still, Win95 didn’t look all goopy.)

Norway Blog

I’m reading Russ’ Norway Blog right now. What fun! Now I want to try eating some wild-tasting reindeer stew. I eat pork lungs and pork blood, so some animal other than pig (and cow and chicken) would sure hit the spot. I haven’t gotten down to trying stewed dog meat yet. (More colloquially known in […]

Flying to Mindoro

This weekend, I’m going along with some missionaries to Mindoro (that’s one of the larger islands in the Visayas) to visit Bahay Kalinga Orphanage for a couple of days. I’m thinking of devoting my monthly giving to the sponsorship of two children at the orphanage. This is pure and undefiled religion in the sight of […]

NEAR Lands!

They did it; the NEAR crew actually landed the thing on Eros! Not just that, but it landed intact and operational, and they might even fire it up and lift it off again! This is exciting. Sorta. You can read more about it on the NEAR project home page.

Bad Monday

It seems everyone had a really bad Monday today. I know ******* and I did. Traffic built up in the worst places, things fell off tables, machinery failed, computers hanged, food was served wrong. And in Tiff’s office, for no discernible reason, a panel arbitrarily dropped from the ceiling, almost hitting one of her officemates. […]