I went malling yesterday. Three things caught my attention:

1.) A little brat pushed a shopping cart down the escalator in SM Southmall. I was walking around the houseware section when a giant racket turned the heads of everyone on the lower floor. As I passed the down-escalator, I saw the much-dented cart rolling away from it, to be caught and pushed away on broken wheels by an attendant. When his supervisor asked what had happened, he pointed and said, “Bata.” I felt distinctly annoyed. I hate little brats.

2.) I also spotted a sign advertising a therapeutic foot massager. The heading said in big, red, bold letters: HEALTHY THE FEET. HEALTHY THE BODY. Cringe.

3.) In one of the restrooms at Alabang Town Center, the toilet seat was down. I opened it up to take a pee, and double-ugh, the back portion of the seat was a mess of gooey brown splatter. The first thought that crossed my mind was: “How could anyone have such bad aim sitting down?!” You can be sure I washed my hands vigorously. With soap.