Borrowed Scanner Dies

My poor old scanner is dead. It must have been jostled too much on the way to the office. :(

On the up side, my Logitech 3-button serial mouse is still working. That mouse has served me faithfully for almost six years, ever since I started using it as a lowly layout staffer for The GUIDON. As I rose through the tiers of graphic design, my trusty mouse remained at my side, comfortably rolling and clicking away, the wheel never sticking, the buttons never jamming. I love that mouse. But its time may soon come; the wheels haven’t been as smooth as they used to be, and the Age of Serial Mice is fading fast, giving way to PS/2, and I hunger for a Wacom tablet.

But even when I finally decide to retire it, my little Logitech mouse will always be my bestest friend in graphic design.