Mighty Mosquito Masher

I am the Mighty Mosquito Masher. Today in the bathroom, I singlehandedly snatched two mosquitoes out of the air and crushed them in my fists. The first one died with honor, twitching as I flicked it into the sink. When I caught the second one, I made certain that it would not fly out of some hidden air pocket in my palm by plunging my fist into a pail of water, then opening it up while submerged.

No mercy.

I then proceeded to wash my hands in triumph.

A Windows tip: Isn’t it annoying that when you uncheck “View as Web Page” in the Windows Explorer View Menu, then go to another folder, it just displays as a web page again? What you need to do is uncheck the “View as Web Page” option, close all Explorer windows, then open up Explorer again. The trick also works to retain icon view settings. (i.e. Large Icons, List, Details.)