Survivor spoilers? I’m not so sure about it anymore. I can’t seem to find any Survivor episode on AXN’s program guide earlier than Friday, 10pm, which is (correct me if my timezones are wrong) after the Thursday night episode that you Americans enjoy. Well, I shall see. No great loss to me if I can’t watch Survivor. I’ll be fine without it. Juuuust fine…

Anyway, I just tried gargling with Astring-O-Sol Ice, their new ready-to-use mouthwash. It’s funny stuff. It tastes like how a dental clinic smells — which is okay with me; I like that smell. But when I tried gargling it, it was impossible to keep my head tilted back, as the mouthwash began to foam, erupting into an angrily bubbling froth which overflowed from my mouth and spilled down my chin and neck. You can’t gargle decently when your mouthwash acts like washing machine detergent. I’m glad I only got a small bottle. When it’s all done, I’m going back to regular Astring-O-Sol concentrate.

New link to Sharon’s page over there on the left. Hi up there, Sharon! :)