Music, Culture, History MA?

Does anyone know of a good postgraduate Humanities course in integrated Music, History, and Culture? The best one I know so far has been this MA at Oxford Brookes, but — calamity! — it just closed down. Are there any similar programs out there, preferably in the UK?

(There’s a lady out there who’s looking, and I don’t want to see her disappointed.)


  1. Mike says:

    My, you two are really going international, aren’t you? I’m surprised Tiffany’s not looking for something here in the States, but I’m also curious as to why she’s interested in the UK…

  2. Eileen says:

    Hmm… I’m not exactly sure if this fits your criteria but I thought you might be interested. Check this out:

  3. rowster says:

    how about the university of birmingham?

    btw, good luck and Godspeed. to both you and tiff. :)

  4. rowster says:

    On second thought … on the postgraduate level, research is usually a lot more important than anything else, so it might help if Tiff already has an idea of what kind of research she plans to do. When she’s decided that, then she might want to pursue a particular scholar/academician or a school of thought (as the case may be), and choose a university based on that. I think that in postgraduate studies, faculty should be given priority in making one’s decision over any other factor.

  5. rowster says:

    One last point. (Ang kulit, ‘no? :P ) In graduate school, the possibilities of research areas are not necessarily limited by the program that a department or college offers. So just in case Tiff doesn’t find a program that is specifically about “Music, History, and Culture,” it doesn’t necessarily mean she won’t be able to integrate those same subjects under a single research project if she enrols in a different program. (To illustrate: I know several wannabe philosophers who are enrolled in postgraduate colleges as diverse as Education, Social Sciences, Critical Theory, Theology, and Classical Studies. Their programs actually don’t have much to do with the kind of research they’re pursuing; it just so happened that the scholars they wanted to work with weren’t in the philosophy department.)

  6. Paulo says:

    Whoops! Did I say “post-graduate?” I meant “graduate.” Tiff’s not into the research (i.e. PhD/doctorate) level yet; she’s still looking for a good MA before anything else. Nothing is certain yet, so she’s staying put for now. Anything that happens will still be next year — at the earliest.

  7. Paulo says:

    Thanks for the info, though, Row!

    Mike – My girlfriend, being the ivory-tower’d classical broadcaster that she is, is somewhat uncomfortable with the prospect of studying in the pop-laden culture of the US. But that doesn’t mean she won’t if a good course presents itself. We’re praying and looking, but for now, I’m going ahead with my own plans. *sniff*

  8. nedrichards says:

    What’s wrong with the UK? Especially for students. It’s very yummy.

    Integrating might be hard at a decent uni in the UK, we tend to keep quite seperate sadly.

  9. rowster says:

    “Postgraduate,” “graduate” … it’s actually the same thing. The British call masteral and doctoral work “postgraduate studies,” and the Americans call it “graduate studies.” Just a minor bit of trivia. :D

  10. Paulo says:

    Ah, okay! My mistek. :D

    Well, Tiff wants to go for her Masters, but since Oxford-Brooks cancelled that particular Humanities program it doesn’t look like anything’s happening for this year.

    Ned – We may very well decide to settle in the UK. There’s a ministry in West Sussex that looks promising… :)