Goodbye, Old PC!

This is my last weblog entry from the faithful Cyrix P-233 which has served as my PC for the last three years. In ten minutes a missionary from The Flying Medical Samaritans will come by to bring it to its new place of service in the Bahay Kalinga Orphanage, Mindoro Island. (The same place I visited a couple of years ago.)

It’s starting to sink in now. I’m leaving the day… after… tomorrow.

And I still haven’t packed. Or found thermal underwear.


  1. Raffy says:

    Gosh, so it really is happening for real, huh? Don’t worry about the thermal underwear: If you don’t get a pair in Manila, get some at a sports shop when you arrive. A nice, thick pair of jogging pants under your jeans will suffice. Also, winter will be pretty much over by April, so the coming spring and summer will be welcome seasons for you in your new digs.

    Keep me posted on what happens; I know you won’t be able to mail easily anymore (with the loss of your computer, but hey, there’re still net cafes, right?) but let me know when you touch down and give me a phone number so I can call.

    I pray God wills you a safe trip. Be sure to pack well and provide closure.

  2. caths says:

    We’ll miss you, Pao! Take care!

  3. the CyberLizard says:

    Good luck and God bless!

  4. wendy says:

    Thermal underwear? Nah, you’ll grow thicker skin from the horribly cold temperatures and you won’t feel a thing after a few months. :-D