Comics for Sale

I collected comics for a few years, from 1992 to 1995, and built up quite a collection of X-Men, Adam Warlock, Books of Magic, and Usagi Yojimbo. Everything went into mylar sheets in a large cardboard box.

Now I’m selling them. The whole box.

There’s a lot of stuff in there, including the New Series X-Men #1 with foldout cover (still Chris Claremont and Jim Lee, and the “death” of Magneto), Uncanny X-Men 281-290 with the art of Whilce Portacio, Joe Quesada’s first issue drawing X-Factor, the X-Cutioner’s song crossover with Andy Kubert’s pencilling, the first few issues of the Books of Magic series (not Gaiman’s first limited one, mind you, but the continuing sequel, which is okay too), the Spawn vs. Batman graphic novel, several issues of Jim Lee’s Deathblow (when he was still with Image), the entire Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch series with Infinity War and Infinity Crusade crossovers (Jim Starlin!!!), and several other classic gems from the early-1990’s. I think there’s some Bone there, too, and parts of Space Usagi.

Now I’m selling the whole box, for a single lump sum. Ready for the price? Hold on to your seats…

P17,000 for the whole box of comics. That price is the total sum of those mags – at the same market price I bought them at. Practically no markup. Never mind Wizard’s price lists, I just want to see these gone. BUT, this is an all-or-nothing deal; you walk away with the whole box of classic gems, I walk away with P17,000.

So who’s interested?

(International orders are okay, but you’ll need to pay me for shipping and handling also, which is a bit pricey, since it’s a very heavy box. Also, the price for an American order will be $500, using the original exchange rate I bought the comics at. No way I’m selling them for dollars at the current forex rate. Noooo way.)


  1. Mike says:

    I remember a lot of those. In fact, I still buy comics. :)

    Just out of curiosity, why’d you stop getting them?

  2. Paulo says:

    I was just in High School at the time, and my already-meager allowance was slipping through my fingers like sand, so I had to cut costs. Even now, I’m wary of spending too much on comics which will take up space in my tiny 10-sq.m. room. ;)

    If I ever start again, it’ll be Bone and Usagi.

  3. Mike says:

    That’s what great about trade paperbacks: they don’t take up as much space. Plus, they’re cheaper than hunting for the individual issues in back-issue bins. *wg*

  4. rowster says:

    Gosh! You’re selling your comics?! Oh my …!!!

    Reminds me of the “Are comics a vice?” discussion you and Tiff had in college. :P