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I recently purchased a used SEL16f28 wide angle lens and VCLECF1 fisheye converter for the Sony NEX3 from Eric Cheng, and gave the combo a try around church and DC last Sunday. I’ve found the lens combo is also good for macro shots, as evidenced by these pictures of cherry blossoms and cats. (The cats […]

ISS and SL-16 R/B

Got a little bonus with my ISS flyover long exposure on Friday 12/27: an SL-16 R/B (spent Russian Zenit rocket booster) orbiting from North to South faded in and crossed paths over the station: This was one of my best ISS long exposures thus far, on a nice, clear night with no wind, with camera […]

ORS-3 Launch

Orbital Sciences launched a Minotaur 1 rocket from Wallops last night, carrying ORS-3: an Air Force satellite, two experimental payloads, and several small cubesats, including TJ3Sat, a small satellite developed by students at a local high school. We went up to the roof to watch the launch from Fairfax. I made the mistake of using […]

Recent ISS Captures

The visible part of the International Space Station’s orbit has lately taken it over our area early in the morning, and as we get up at 5AM every day now, I’ve had several opportunities to photograph ISS flyovers from the parking garage roof deck. (The LADEE launch photo was a great encouragement.) First two attempts […]

Comet PANSTARRS and the Moon

I got this picture of Comet C/2011 L4 PANSTARRS at 8PM on Tuesday, 12 March 2013, about 2 days after the comet’s closest approach to the sun. I couldn’t see it with the naked eye due to haze and glare from the sunset and bright suburban lights, but a six second exposure with a narrow […]

Saturday: Ben’s, Space, Camera, Oysters

Fun Saturday. While Amy attended to some school tasks I went into town to meet up with mach5 from MeFi at Air and Space. But first, lunch at Ben’s Chili Bowl, my first time. (Yeah, I’ve lived around here for 10 years and never gone to Ben’s. That oversight has now been rectified.) Lunch: chili […]