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@PicPedant Exposed DC Interview Slate story on viral pic accounts mentions PicPedant on page 2 Buzzfeed: 14 Incredible But Fake Viral Images – And The Twitter Account Debunking The Picspammers (by Tom Phillips) There’s a certain class of Twitter users who post nothing but pictures, calling themselves names like “HistoryPics”, “EarthPix”, “SpacePorn”, and such. They’ve […]

Chastised by Chewbacca

Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in the original Star Wars films, is on Twitter as @TheWookieeRoars. He runs a fun and engaging stream for fans, posting historic behind-the-scenes photos from Star Wars production and other fun imagery. But when he posted a photo of an “awesome” standing cat wearing a Chewbacca bandoleer I had to […]

Twitter Archive

My Twitter archive How to download your Twitter archive About a year after I complained about Twitter’s lack of archiving, they implemented a kind of backup solution involving a zipped tweet archive. The Twitter archive is a bit of a headscratcher. It’s a searchable offline snapshot of tweets stored in JSON files organized into a […]

New Twitter, First Tweet

I’m not a big fan of #newtwitter, partly because I don’t like client-side-scripting-heavy content delivery interfaces with hashbang URLs, and partly because the redesign still fails to address a long-standing problem with archiving. Old tweets are still not organized in any kind of list or dated format; there aren’t even next/previous buttons on individual tweets. […]

how now @brownpau

Update, April 2: Okay, those of you who hate stupid April Fools Day web pranks can come out now; the Skittles Twitter Search plus MormonJesusRoll gimmick is over. I’ll do an actual redesign sometime soon; CSS Naked Day 2009 is right around the corner, after all. You may have noticed that How Now Brownpau has […]

My SEO Level is Over 9000

It all started with my 99 character SEO seminar, in which I challenged the bloated world of search engine optimization (SEO) with just a few simple rules which had always worked for me: (1) Write compelling content. (2) Use descriptive headlines. (3) Link judiciously. (4) Get linked. Josh (whom some of you may know better […]

Encounters Among Twits

A sort-of-funny thing happened with Twitter last week. I was at the Ballston Common Noodles and Co., having a bowl of pesto cavatelli and leaching wifi from the nearby Panera while waiting to pick up Amy at a class she was teaching; when I thought, I wonder if anyone around here is on Twitter? I […]

Stuff I Will Not Do With Twitter

After some soul searching, I have come to the conclusion that I will never engage in the following activities on Twitter, and repent of all times in the past that I may have purposefully or inadvertently done any of them: Mass-follow thousands of people hoping they will follow back and click links. Use an RSS-to-Twitter […]

Breaking Up (With Twitter) Is Hard To Do

Last June I broke up with Twitter in a haze of tears and drama. I was tired of unreliability and whales and repeated “Something went wrong!” alert boxes and losing instant messages, and decided it was time to see other microblogging services. Pownce was okay, despite past incidences of seething hatred for it. It had […]

Quoted in Guardian on Twitter Spam

I got a passing quote and link in this Guardian technology article: “Why are there no spam or trolls on Twitter?” by Kate Bevan, jumping off from Russell Beattie’s musings on the topic. I would dispute the titles of both articles; there absolutely are spammers (and trolls) on Twitter. The articles do append their praise […]