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Dive Log: Sabang, Puerto Galera

Full Puerto Galera Scuba Diving photoset Compilation video Puerto Galera sits at the base of a peninsula on the northern coast of Mindoro, about 80 miles south of Manila and an hour’s boat ride from Batangas. Once a sanctuary from rough seas for Spanish galleons, today Puerto Galera is a thriving watersports town, with a […]

Dive Log: Wrecks of Coron

Coron Wreck Diving photoset Coron Wreck Diving video Rocksteady Dive Center Coron’s main draw for scuba divers is the fleet of World War II Japanese shipwrecks sunk around the Calamian Islands by US bombers in September, 1944. Around an hour by boat (give or take a few minutes depending on which wreck) from Coron proper, […]

Dive Log: Nassau, The Bahamas

Nassau Diving photoset Diving video So as I said in my cruise entry, while in Nassau I wanted to do a Saturday morning dive without missing our afternoon snorkeling excursion — which left me a four hour window after docking. I called Paradise Dive Charters, Stuart Cove, and Bahama Divers to check their dive schedules: […]

Anilao Dive Log

My family went on six dives spread out over three days but I only went on two of those dives on the second day, opting to keep Amy company at the resort on the first and third days. Dive #85 Date: 1 Jan 2009 Location: Sepok Wall Maximum depth: 85 ft Dive time: 50 minutes […]

Fortune Island Dive Video

Quick followup to the Fortune Island entry: I also have a short video from the dive, about a minute long. There isn’t much to see, and I didn’t know about the camera’s “Underwater” setting till after the dive, so things look rather blue. Note how barren the reef looks; most of it was crushed coral. […]

Fortune Island Dive

Dive #84 Date: 31 Dec 2007 Location: Fortune Island Maximum depth: 70 feet Dive time: 45 minutes Air used: 2000 psi Strong northeast winds caused significant chop en route from Tali, with a troublesome rolling swell persisting even in the lee of the island. This unfortunately made the best Fortune Island dive sites — Canyons […]

Me and Turtle

Here’s me with a moderate sized pawikan, or sea turtle, which we found feeding on sea grass in the sandy shallows as we were wrapping up the Club Noah checkout dive. (Photographed by my brother Francis with his Sea&Sea film camera; he just sent me the scans tonight.)

Club Noah Checkout Dive

(Note: By my count, this is my 83rd total dive, although I stopped logging for a long time after high school, and only recently started logging again, starting with count of fifty as a reasonable estimate as to how many dives I’d done before then.) Location: Club Noah Isabelle, Apulit Island, Palawan Maximum depth: 45 […]

Photo Retrospective: Mantis Shrimp

(Mantis Shrimp, uploaded by brownpau.) My brother took this with a Canon Powershot A70 on our diving trip to Verde Island in December 2004. It’s a mantis shrimp, or a stomatopod. Here’s what stomatopods look like in their larval stage. More just-uploaded photos of Christmas 2004 to New Year 2005: JFK-DXB-MNL, Christmas in Manila 2004, […]

Dive Log, Malapascua Island

Another cursory entry in the travel log: my dive log from the holiday diving trip to Malapascua. This is mostly here for my own personal posterity. You’ll probably just want to see the lovely underwater photos my brother took. (1) Isla de Gato 12/27/2005, 10:30 am, 50 mins, max depth: 70 ft air used: 2500psi […]