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Nokia 6120 Classic

Update, 2009: Don’t get this phone, even secondhand. Not worth the constant random shutdowns and blank screen wakeup bug. Latest firmware upgrade created as many problems as it solved. While I was in Manila I picked up a Nokia 6120 Classic at the tiangge, since the old 6600, already secondhand and scratched, was getting on […]

Palm Z22

I’ve been a big fan of Palm for a while, but the last time I wrote in detail about a Palm device was three years ago, when the Zire 31 (to which I downgraded to replace the broken Zire 71) completely died just four months after I got it — and a month past warranty. […]

Daylight Saving Time 2007

You folks in the United States, don’t forget that Daylight Saving Time starts earlier this year, so you should set your clocks an hour forward before going to sleep tonight. Windows and Mac users, run your software updaters if you haven’t yet. Palm handheld users, note that Palm is offering a DST updater for all […]

Simultaneous Electronic Woes

This has not been a good week for me in electronics and technology. In addition to the loss of a webcam, my Palm Zire 31 has suddenly and inexplicably died (a month past end of warranty, of course), my user-unfriendly S/E T300 cellphone has developed a wonky charge socket, my home internet connection has gone […]


Based on popular demand [1, 2], I was just about ready to crack open my Palm and clean out the camera lens fuzz — if only lens fuzz had been the only problem to deal with. Now my Palm Zire 71 has fallen prey to a far more serious camera-related design flaw, detailed in this […]

Zire Straits

I’ve had a Palm Zire 71 for over a year now, and it’s been a decent multiple-use handheld. In addition to the standard Palm OS features, it also includes a digital camera and music capability, both of which function acceptably. The camera, though not drop-dead exquisite, produces good enough photos for 0.3MP; while music playback, […]

Palm in the Niche

Tempering my Zire Desire comes a sobering note from Russell Beattie: Palm Reading. (Heads-up from Wyclif.)

Zire Dreams

Scratch the Zaurus; Palm just rolled out the new Zire 71, and it’s a beauty. I’ll gladly trade the Zaurus’ h@><0r-appeal for the new Zire’s extra features (camera and MP3!) and the promise of PalmOS 5+ stability and bug-free OS X syncing. Update: PalmInfoCenter story Review from Infosync TechTV review CNET review Slashdot thread

Palm Overboard

Darn it, darn it, darn it. I lost my Palm yesterday; it must have slid out of my slacks pocket in the taxi on the way to church. Just a Zire, so it’s not too much of a blow to my finances, and I had the presence of mind to sync the same morning, so […]

CSpotRun and PorDible

CSpotRun is a nice, fast, freeware PalmOS DOC reader. PorDiBle is a simple, straightforward, freeware drag-and-drop TXT-to-DOC converter for OS X. Perfect combination for when you need those Gutenberg texts on the go.