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Christmas Loot Roundup 2006

The Scotch Humour: Music of Nicola Matteis and Españoleta (from Amy) Thai batik pants with elephants on them (from my parents, in addition to this trip and all the dental work) Codex Faenza and Music for a Medieval Banquet (from Francis) Banana Peel slippers (from Jung) USB LED light (from Javi) Red sport shirt with […]


Here is a mobile self-portrait of me on the Metro. I’m thirty years old today, and I celebrated this morning with a giant breakfast of sausages and eggs and hash browns and toast and coffee at the Billy Goat, followed by a trip to the DC DMV to get my ID renewed. I’ve cooked up […]

Moses and Jesus Action Figures

I had originally bought the Jesus action figure for the FBCDC White Elephant* Christmas Party, but Amy thought it was a bit too close to being a graven image of Deity much a trivialization of Christ by turning him into a joke and a toy, so I went back to the toy shop and traded […]

Settling Back In

Home now, showered and unpacked. Well, that was a nice vacation. I met up with old friends and made new ones, watched The Two Towers and Nemesis at Metreon, saw the sights of San Francisco, got reacquainted with my brother, ate clam chowder at Pier 39 and In-N-Out in Union City, and generally had a […]

Day after Christmas

It’s the day after Christmas. I’m home from home, rested and unpacked. Now I shall take a few minutes to blog before I head for the office. To continue where I left off last night, we woke up Christmas morning to a breakfast of lugaw (rice porridge) with various Chinese condiments (e.g. pickled seaweed, spiced […]

Christmas Eve 2001

Christmas Eve! Quite often, it is on this night that I feel even more Christmas-y than Christmas Day itself. I’m at home now (family-home in Greenhills, that is, not my apartment-home in the south suburbs), having arrived earlier this afternoon by taxi. Tonight we’ll be going off to my aunt’s place for Misa de Gallo […]