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Delilah’s Den

There are a few establishments out there called “Delilah’s Den,” but in this case I’m talking about Delilah’s Den Pet Services in Falls Church, VA — named by Ester, the proprietor, for her late lovable cat Delilah. While Amy and I were away for Christmas and our regular petsitter neighbor was unavailable, I found Delilah’s […]

GloriaResign (.com, .net, .org)

3-in-1: Bid now on and receive and free! Way back in 2005, when Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo faced scattered street protests and rumors of an EDSA 4 revolution in the works, I registered three domains, completely on a whim: I really didn’t care about the politics, one way or another, but […]

RLP’s Book

Once upon a time, Real Live Preacher wrote a book. It didn’t sell too well through regular publishing channels, so he started selling the remainder himself. With each order, he would personalize the delivery with a free gift and a pithy dedication commenting on the buyer’s shipping address. It was then that he discovered a […]

Tiles, Cavuto, and Contractors

While Endeavour STS-118 was in orbit and tile damage was on NASA’s mind, I noted with some amusement a link from Space Pragmatism to this op-ed on Fox News: “Earth to NASA: Fire Someone!” — in which Neil Cavuto demands that NASA dismiss whichever contractor manufactures the Space Shuttle’s thermal tiles, since they keep getting […]


As you may have surmised from my increased posting volume, I have internet access at home once again. Earthlink took about a week and a half to activate my naked DSL line and deliver the hardware. About midway through that waiting period, I noticed that my old Westell DSL modem was picking up a data […]

Verizon: A Moving Experience

I normally try to be nice to customer service reps on the phone; they’ve got a tough job, sitting in a cubicle with a headset to deal with irate and clueless people all day. To my knowledge there are only three times I have actually ever raised my voice to a phone CSR: once, when […]

Snappy Recovery from Job Hunting Gaffe

What do you do when you’re sending out multiple job applications all at once, and you accidentally send the cover letter for Company A to Company B by mistake? Well, if it’s for a webmaster/IT Manager position, and you’ve got nothing to lose, you send a witty followup like this one. With regard to my […]

Career Angst

I’ve been a freelancer for over a year now, and at my current in-house job for almost five years, but change is in the air, my resumé is out in the world, and with the change comes the professional angst I face whenever the prospect of progress looms over my career options. I’ve worn many […]

Problogging Interview with Yuga

Pinoy Problogger: Paulo Ordoveza. That’s my email interview with Yuga on “problogging.” I really don’t have too much fame to claim for my single pro weblog attempt so far: Cheap and Tiny. I’m just not sure where profitable niche-content weblogs will fit into my grand scheme, so my follow-up on that particular enterprise has been […]

Kottke No Longer “Pro”

Oh, What a Year, says Jason Kottke, ending his “micropatronage experiment” a year after he got $39,900 from his enthusiastic audience. Here’s what I thought of it at the time, and I’m pretty glad now I didn’t contribute. I’d been hoping for two things out of the Pro Plan, which would have had me dropping […]