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Telegraph Mention

I have been mentioned in the fourth rule of an article in the Telegraph by Tom Chivers on “Internet Rules and Laws.” Greetings, Telegraph readers! To be clear, yes, I used “ignoramii” with a sense of deliberate irony, and the quoted text was part of a larger venture on Begging The Question — the site […]


In “Begging the Question, Again” on the Times Topics weblog, NYT deputy news editor Philip Corbett talks about the misuse of the phrase, and briefly mentions, my pedantic language site. I was alerted to this by the sudden flurry of “” inbound links in my referrer log that day. BTQ’s continued growth in popularity […]

BTQ Missionary

I noticed this a bit late, but it’s still good for a LOL or two: Saganist on LJ inadvertently dressed up as a necktied missionary for Halloween, and after a brief flirtation with the idea of posing as an iconoclastic atheist missionary, instead opted to become a philosophical Beg The Question proselytizer, complete with BTQ […]

Begging the Question, reiterated

From a copy of the Oxford Companion to the English Language. I love how the entry does not even bother to mention the erroneous usage; it just presents BTQ as is, straightforwardly and simply.

Aussie BTQ Interview Done

Well, I suppose that went okay. Helen Razer called a bit after 10am, and we chewed the fat for a bit on my richly varied history before getting the recording going. The interview was just a few minutes long, in which I talked about what begging the question really means, the meaning of the original […]

Aussie BTQ Interview

I’ve just* gotten off the phone with Shannon McDonald of ABC (the one in Australia), to schedule a radio interview with Helen Razer for the early early Monday morning radio show. (Or late late Sunday night, whichever way you look at it.) I don’t know the exact time, but it’s whatever time it will be […] Reborn!

Meet my latest pet project: Beg The Question. (Or BTQ, for short.) Although BTQ started out as a silly little April Fool’s gimmick, I recently decided to make better use of the domain by turning it into a concise central venue to inform the general public of this all-too-common idiomatic travesty. Now, you can chastise […]

Best of April Fool’s 2005

Maybe it was just me, but somehow, April Fool’s 2005 seemed a bit weaker than last year, probably because Metafilter went without a gag. Nonetheless, it was fun to have Beg The Question linked from “the blue” (as we MeFites call it). Update: And a link from Language Log! I’m truly honored. And yes, the […]


There’s a subtle pollution creeping up on our media, our literature, and our speech; a horrific piece of abuse which threatens the very fabric of our way of thinking. It’s BTQ abuse, and it’s time to take action to end it, before it destroys our language. March on April 1st to End BTQ Abuse Now! […]

Begging the Question: the Return

That all may know, Anarthrous Dane begged the question long before I did. He also has an extremely useful rant concerning “gender” and “sex.”