Telegraph Mention

I have been mentioned in the fourth rule of an article in the Telegraph by Tom Chivers on “Internet Rules and Laws.” Greetings, Telegraph readers! To be clear, yes, I used “ignoramii” with a sense of deliberate irony, and the quoted text was part of a larger venture on Begging The Question — the site being an old April Fool’s Day prank which continues to this day as a facetious outlet for mock outrage.

If you enjoyed that brief snippet of text quoted from my [currently-rather-dormant] weblog, you may also enjoy following me on Twitter or Tumblr. Optionally you can wait around here till I actually have time to whip this site back into something even remotely engaging.

Update: Heh, Anarthrous Dane has pointed out in a Facebook note that Tom Chivers’ misspelling of my name (“Paul,” my name is Paulo) while using my quote as an exposition of Skitt’s Law is itself an example of Skitt’s Law in action.