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BHP Christian Podcast Review

powered by ODEO (First full length entry in Brownpau Hates Podcasting, in which I review the podcasts of John Piper, Ravi Zacharias, RC Sproul Jr, and Mark Dever, while still hating podcasting.

New DC Metro Voice

I’m sure those of you who regularly ride the DC Metro have heard the new subway voice: powered by ODEO Some people say they don’t like her [1, 2, 3, 4], but I think I like the new voice. She’s a bit more brisk, the chimes a bit more urgent, as compared to the relatively […]

Saint Patrick’s Day

[Direct MP3 Link][Odeo page][Saint Patrick] Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to ye! I hope my Irish accent is passable; it’s quite unpracticed. Also see today’s Jeef Berky. And here is tonight’s dinner, to be eaten with rice and spinach (as I couldn’t find any cabbage):


OMG UPDATE: WELCOME TO WEB 2.0. [Direct MP3 link][Odeo page][The unattainable is unknown]