New DC Metro Voice

I’m sure those of you who regularly ride the DC Metro have heard the new subway voice:

powered by ODEO

Some people say they don’t like her [1, 2, 3, 4], but I think I like the new voice. She’s a bit more brisk, the chimes a bit more urgent, as compared to the relatively lackadaisical old voice. This sounds like a voice that means business, more likely to get people to actually stand clear of the doors. If you pay attention, there’s even a little code in the xylophone-like chimes: two high dings mean the doors are about to open, high ding followed by low ding means the doors are currently open and about to close, two low dings mean that the doors are closed or should be closed but someone’s got an arm or a purse stuck.

In a world where it were up to me, however, this is how my Metro voice would go:

powered by ODEO

What do you think? Complete with the Hans Zimmer soundtrack, I think it would totally rock.