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This is my 50th Caturday post! Pandora had a vet visit yesterday, for a general checkup and nail-trimming. Due to my shoulder injuries I wanted to avoid hefting around her carrier, so I got a Kittywalk Stroller to roll her over to the vet in style. The stroller frame and wheels snap together easily, and […]

Shoulder Injuries

I’ve been dealing with a bit of pain in my right shoulder most of this year, possibly brought on by strenuous playing of Wii Sports on our last vacation. I [literally] shrugged it off, thinking it would go away, but it hasn’t and the joint pain has instead ramped up over the summer to the […]

River Scene

Short clip of a sculler in a rowboat passing by river barges carrying storm debris, between Washington Harbour and Theodore Roosevelt Island on the Potomac River. This is actually from last Friday, but I forgot to upload it, so here it is now.

Free Hyde from Isis

You may remember my entry about MacBook soft folding cases last month, in which I posted a video review of my new Isis Roach cover. Shortly afterward I got an email from Taylor Shupe of Isis, saying, I came across your video critique today and was super stoked that you took the time to do […]


Today’s cat photos come courtesy of my lovely wife Amy, who caught Pandora in a yawn while lounging about on her bedroom blanket:

Cirrocumulus over DC

This has been a nice week for being outside, what with Fall approaching, temperatures dropping a bit, and the sun being out. Here are two nice photos of cirrocumulus clouds over DC landmarks which I snapped with my phone while walking home on Monday afternoon:


Due to lots of work and a bit of travel, I have posted only infrequently as of late, and there have been two weeks of no cat photos, so I hope this entry makes up for it, with a picture of Pandora in a blurry mid-meow. I will be bringing her to the vet soon […]


Seen at the “Soviet Safeway” on 17th St NW. There’s at least two things wrong with this photo:

Hanna Timelapse

All through Saturday I had a script fetch an image from the WJLA sky cam every 30 seconds to catch Tropical Storm Hanna’s progress as it passed over DC, then combined the image sequence into a movie with some loops for background music. Kennedy Center is at lower middle right. I do wish the office […]

Tropical Storm Hanna

I snapped this panorama from the Harbour yesterday as Tropical Storm Hanna approached; that’s the last bit of sun we see till Sunday. Being an obsessive weather geek, I am of course following the storm closely on We Love DC, and have multiple tabs open for radar, NOAA reports, local news, webcams, weblogs, and Twitter. […]