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I’m at the beach right now. Back in 2008 with more. All comments will be queued for moderation till then. (Tali.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)

NJ Christmas 2007

We were in New Jersey this Christmas with Amy’s family. There was Italian food and prime rib, and we got a Metropolitan Museum cat block and sweaters and a couple of Star Trek DVDs and some cash, and I got to watch A Christmas Story for the first time ever, along with The Simpsons Movie. […]

Drive-Thru Nativity

I was looking through Stynxno’s “Christmas 2007″ photoset and found a fascinating series of photos of a “Drive-Thru Nativity” — a concept with which I had been unfamiliar, but made for some remarkable pictures. (Update: More on this from stynxno himself.)

Fifty Ways

Part of US News’ Fifty Ways to Improve your Life in 2008 year-ender feature was an informal video of assorted US News staff giving the fifty tips (video viewable at the upper right of the “50 Ways” page). I make an appearance at around 3m 20s, telling you to smell the roses, because smelling roses […]

Eduardo San Juan and the Lunar Rover: Message from “Skeet”

Got an email from Otha “Skeet” Vaughan Jr., who worked with Wernher von Braun at ABMA, and on the Apollo program and the lunar rovers: Reference the “The Lunar Rover and Ed San Juan,” you are correct; he did some early work on developing a mobility program for Hayes International in Birmingham and later at […]

Early Lunar Rover Wheel Design

Another note from Nikodemski on the lunar rover, this having less to do with San Juan and more on developments in lunar vehicle design among his Space Age contemporaries. His letter is stuffed with fascinating historical and technical detail, and includes a scan of an early lunar rover wheel design for the MOLAB project, which […]

Christmas 2007

This has been a very momentous year for me — getting hired, getting married, getting a new place — and I am grateful and humbled by how far God has brought me. But I count it all as unto nothing beside the free gift of redemption I have received from the Savior whose birth we […]


For some reason, when I saw this front page, I expected the inside to have a list of virtues like integrity, honesty, generosity, and such. Imagine my disappointment to find insufficiently discounted groceries instead. (mo_446_.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)

Bored Polar Bear

Here is a video of a polar bear at Central Park Zoo, edited together from clips shot on a New York trip September. I had forgotten about this video for a few months, till I looked through my Movies folder on the train last night; I guess Christmas is an okay time of year to […]

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BBC NEWS | UK | Tony Blair joins Catholic Church (tags: news tonyblair uk catholic faith politics) YouTube – The Royal Channel. Official YouTube channel of the British Monarchy. God save the Queen’s comments section. (tags: youtube video uk queen politics government) Snopes debunks the “Christian Origins of the Candy Cane” legend. (tags: faith urbanlegends […]